Housekeeping Tips: Deep-Down Kitchen Cleaning

When you want a spotless kitchen, deep down kitchen cleaning may be just the thing for you once you get through with the small details of housekeeping like decluttering and wiping different items off to remove dust and grime.

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After cleaning off the countertops and/or getting any packing done, you may want to consider cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. Pick one cabinet and begin working on it. Take everything out and place it in a predetermined area, to be packed, relocated or simply replace into the cabinet from which it came. Again, there is no right or wrong place to begin. If you plan to rearrange your kitchen, make sure that you clean out any specific cabinet that you plan to place other items in, for instance if you want to use a different cabinet for keeping your drinking glasses, plates, bowls and so on.

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While clearing out the cabinet, declutter it as well. After you clean the cabinet out, take a clean damp cloth and wipe the cabinet down. Allow it to dry and then you can begin replacing your items (or relocated items) there. Repeat this process until you have all your kitchen cabinets completely cleaned and rearranged. While you are deep-cleaning your kitchen you should also include any kitchen drawers, nooks and crannies, microwave oven carts, open shelves, china cabinets and so on. Once you are finished cleaning out the cabinets, and then placing the items you wish to store in them you can close the doors and drawers with a peaceful feeling and a content expression on your face.

imageKitchen Pantry Cabinet


Next, you will begin cleaning the kitchen cabinet fronts on the outside. You may choose to use a wood cleaner or a standard kitchen cleaner depending on the materials of the design your cabinets. Alternately, if the kitchen isn’t caked in grease, you can simply wipe the outsides of them down with a clean damp cloth, you may want to use the sink and some warm soapy water. However, if you use soap you will want to rinse the residue off to leave the cabinets looking their best.