Housekeeping Tips: The Dreaded Kitchen Chores

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Of all the different things you can do to clean a house, there are many types of chores that some people enjoy doing and then there are others that they may dread to do. They may put off the dreaded kitchen chores for as long as they can get away without doing them. Of course, putting them off for too long only makes things worse. Here are some housekeeping tips that will help you deal with the dreaded kitchen chores that you do not enjoy doing.

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Many individuals truly dread cleaning the refrigerator and the stove and oven. However, if you take the time to do them right they do not take that long and it is essential to clean all the objects, items and even appliances when you are giving your kitchen a good thorough deep-down cleaning.

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It’s a good idea to begin with the refrigerator, since while you are cleaning out the refrigerator you can cull out any empty packaging and any glasses, cups, plates and bowls that may seem to accumulate in the frig when there are children of any age in the home. Most often they place such items in the refrigerator with the intention of coming back to finish off the dish. However most often these containers are forgotten and get pushed towards the sides and back of the refrigerator. This can pose the risk of drinks or foodstuff being split into the refrigerator by accident–therefore creating another clean-up tasks which, as most mothers know, no one knows who made the mess and of course, it is nonetheless sitting there for her to clean.

Hence, it is a good rule not to keep such open items in the refrigerator. However, if they are there you should fish them out of the refrigerator along with all the other items inside it. Anything that needs to be discarded should be disposed of, and all the dirty dishes either left to soak off dried-on food or placed in the dishwasher with the other dirty dishes. When you have a full load of dishes go ahead and run the dishwasher or wash the ‘straggler’ pieces by hand.

Housekeeping Tips: The Dreaded Kitchen Chores, SeekytMiele G4205 Built In Dishwashers


If you have good foodstuff or beverages, set them to the side to replace in the refrigerator after you finish cleaning and wiping it down. You may simply need to wipe out the refrigerator with a clean damp cloth or you may need to take the insides out and wash them in your sink or tub. Make sure to lay out a dry towel where you can stand or lay them to dry. Once you have all your refrigerator pieces clean and dry, re-install them and then replace the food items in the refrigerator. When you place any refrigerator drawers, you may want to consider placing a few paper towels in their bottoms, this will help soak up anything that may be spilled and it does make for easier future cleaning.

Not many people get thrilled while considering the cleaning of a stove or oven. However, one great tip about cleaning a stove top is that if you do it while the spill is fresh and the stovetop is hot, most things will wipe right up without any problems–just be careful not to burn yourself. If you must wait, the dried or cooked-on mess will require much more time and effort into loosening it and scrubbing it off. Therefore, save time and effort if possible by wiping the stove top after every mess, while the stove top is hot.

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Cleaning an oven is easier while it is warm, since it can help to loosen anything that is stuck, dried or burned-on in the oven. If you are working with a commercial oven cleaner, be sure to read the directions before you begin and practice any safety tips from the manufacturer. You should also follow their directions for cleaning. The best oven-cleaning tip I can personally give you is to buy a self-cleaning oven and then practice using it for super fast easy oven cleaning. Another great tip is placing a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of your oven, and then keep it there until it needs replacement with a clean piece. The foil in the bottom will catch any leaking sauces and or boiled-over foods, preventing them from covering and burning onto the bottom of your oven.

While cleaning your refrigerator and oven, remember to wipe off the outsides of them as well, this includes the tops, sides and fronts.


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Housekeeping Tips: The Dreaded Kitchen Chores, Seekyt
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