How a Blog Can Help a Writer Profit from Article Content

How a Blog Can Help a Writer Profit from Article Content

Tons of great writers have built a wonderful portfolio full of great content. Writers that discover they have a knack for producing quality article content will do so time and time again. Writers will get keywords and phrases along with search engine optimization and gain readers to their content via search engines. One benefit that these same writers miss is how a blog can help a writer profit from article content.

What is a Blog?
One way you can see even more traffic to a category of similar content is starting a blog. A blog is a way that many writers have discovered as a means to monetize their article content. A blog can help a writer profit from article content in a number of ways.

Similar content of a specific subject matter are connected to each other in one place, a blog. Generally writers will develop a niche or theme for a blog. Having tons of terrific quality content all in one spot is a wonderful way you can profit from your article content. Article content developed for a blog is called a post.
Blogging is better than article writing sites for a lot reasons. The greatest advantage that a blog has over article writing or article content sites is the ability to publish basically what you want in whatever format you would like to. Along with this advantage is the opportunity to earn in more ways than one.

How a blog makes money from article content

Blogs can help a writer profit from article content published as posts in several different ways;
• a blog make money by selling ad space for a fee
• a blog can make monies from AdSense and similar advertisers
• a blog can make money publishing paid posts or posts published for a fee
• a blog can make money by selling products or services

All of these different ways a blog makes money can be realized by a writer, but they all must start with great unique quality article content for a blogs posts. If you believe that you can craft unique article content continually all related to one theme or connected by a similar subject matter then blogging may be an income source to investigate.

Not only can a blog earn writers money from the content that is posted to its pages, but a blog can also help earn money for articles already produced and posted around the web.

Profit from article content with back links
One of the best things about a writer that is investigating starting a blog full of unique article content is the fact that many bloggers already have an enormous selection of articles all over the web. This means your blog has an enormous network of back links simply waiting to be created. Every back link means a new traffic source. Imagine all of the articles a writer already has around the web before starting a blog. Many bloggers continue to produce articles to post around the web after they start a blog.

A blog can help a blogger profit from article content with back links. Back links are important for bloggers because they are useful tools to make money from blog posts. Back links are beneficial for increasing search engine page ranking which results in a blog’s content being shown for a reader’s query for information using different search engines. The more search engines show your blog posts in their results the more traffic comes to your blog which means more money with your blogging investment.

Along with back links increasing your search engine page ranking and traffic for your blog posts, your blog posts are also serving a purpose for your articles published around the web. As your blog increases its page rank and receives more readers these same blog posts that are back linked to your content around the web will increase the traffic the articles around the web will receive. Most articles around the web linked to blog posts are earning more money for great writers than other articles not linked to blogs. Articles around the web can be found on sites such as Infobarrel, Seekyt or even guest posts on other blogs.

Blogs can certainly help any writer profit from their article content continually in more ways than one. Using blogs to earn money selling products and services, ad space, earning with advertising revenue such as AdSense, using paid posts, and back links to and from article content around the web are all great ways blogs can help writers profit from their article content.