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How a neon sign can change any storefront

A shop owner is a person who is, when not managing the hectic retail world, always looking for ways to not only improve their venue, but to draw more attention to their storefront. Of course, there are numerous graphical artists who are highly talented, and offer their services. And while they can help a shop owner with a smart looking sign and a presentable storefront, their work is only visible during daylight hours.

Fortunately a beautiful, softly glowing neon sign is an excellent addition to the shop front, particularly in the winter months, when the light of the day fades early. The bright glow of neon signs can make the front of a shop shine like nothing else. Whether it’s just a simple sign signifying that the shop is open, to something a bit more creative, the gentle glow of a sign can only help a storefront.

The human eyes is trained to pick up light. After all, the eye is nothing more than a receptor of light. Whether a passerby wants to or not, the bright light of any neon signs that may be in their periphery will draw their attention. This is not to say that a shopkeeper who lines her shop with neon signs is going to be more successful than anyone else. The simple truth in this matter is that a well crafted, subtle sign can do absolute wonders not only for a shop’s business, but for it’s aesthetics.

The image of brilliant neon signs is heavily ingrained in culture. While they were invented in the early twentieth century, they did not gain popularity until they grew in their use during the War. The streets of New York City were the first to be graced with the colours and hues of the recent invention. Not only was the beauty and draw of the signs a major attraction for business owners, the ease of use and lack of need for maintenance, beyond the occasional dusting off of the bulbs. The neon gas which is the source of the glow is long lasting, and can go decades in operation without needing a bulb change or any sort of maintenance. The function of these neon signs works by placing a volatile gas (traditionally neon) in a tube, and then running an electrical current through it. This ionises the gas, which expresses the energy of the reaction as light. This light can be manipulated into various colours and with a skilled glass bender, various shapes. This can, first and foremost result in some rather artistic applications. A skilled glass bender can create any sort of shape or lettering, and they can adapt it particularly to what a customer requests!

Neon sign specialists like Neon Creations can make custom signs for the purpose of business, decoration, or just as art! Inside or outside, the colouring and intensity of the light can be soothing and gentle, or energetic and brilliant. With modern technology and skilled glass benders, anyone can have their own custom neon light. Setting one’s self aside from others is important, and is becoming increasingly difficult, as many markets are homogenising and being swallowed up by larger organisations. Eyes are drawn to lights, but if the man or woman who sees the source of the light time and time again, it can certainly become a bore. For this reason, creating a unique array of neon signs is highly important, and thankfully, Neon Creations is the best source to find the perfect light for anyone!

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