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How a Swim Meet Software Can Be Useful to Coaches and Meet Organizers

Swim meets can host hundreds or even thousands of athletes, competing in different events, held over several venues. Organizers know that scheduling a successful meet involves managing several repetitive tasks with their limited resources. A dedicated group of volunteers needs to be engaged throughout the venue to assist with the arrangements. It is also crucial to ensure that results and lap times are updated well in time and shared with coaches and managers of the teams attending the meet. An organizer can ease his or her load by having the right swim meet software in place. A swim meet software is a web-based solution that leverages modern tech, built especially to make meet management less daunting. Let’s see how the right software solution takes away the hassle for organizers:

Automated Invite System

Teams organizing the swim meet can send out bulk invites to participating teams, with an RSVP option to confirm their participation. Mailing lists can be used to batch the invites as well as send reminders to teams that have not responded yet. Organizers can easily get the number of RSVPs to calculate the participant strength for the meet and send confirmation mails to the participating teams and their members.

Online Swimmer Registration and Signups:

Team coaches can respond to invites by registering for the meet online at the organizer’s website. The registration form can be customized to include details such as age of team members, gender and events which team members will enter. If special eligibility rules are in place for some events, eligibility settings can be specified to ensure only qualified athletes are allowed to complete their meet entry. Organizers can create reports of the participating swimmers to schedule heats.

Volunteer Management

A small army of volunteers is needed to assist organizers during the meet. With mostly parents and students being the volunteers for amateur events, volunteer management can be quite complicated. The software can be used to sign up volunteers and assign them their tasks and designated areas at the venue well in advance. Mass emails can be sent to confirm registration, with reminders to those who have not registered yet.

Manage Meet Entries and Create Reports

Coaches can easily view the entries for the Swim meet and group them on the basis of their events and age groups. Templates can be used to generate customized heat sheets, psych sheets, timing and entry and reports.

Result Entry and Reporting

Timing desks just have to enter the lap and timings of swimmers into the software to receive automatically generated results tables. The results can be shared with teams by email, printed out at the venue as well as exported for comparison by swimmers. Result tabulation time is cut down dramatically.

Hence, a swim meet software helps the organizers reduce the time and complexity associated with organizing a meet. From invitations to result publication, the use of this software ensures organizers can carry off the hitherto stressful job of meet management with ease.

Swim-Team.us offers a robust swim meet management software and website to cater to the needs of swim teams, summer leagues, swimming organizations, high schools, and YMCA bundled with several useful features like online registration, roster data, communication tools, volunteer registration and much more. To know how to be prepare for a swim meet, you may visit LiveStrong.

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