How Ambitious Parents Are Raising Million Dollar Child Athletes


Ambitious parents are raising their children to be million dollar child athletes. They want their child to be the next Tom Brady, David Becham, LeBron James, or Hope Solo. It would be great if one of my grand kids would become a Super Bowl Quarterback like Tom Brady, or USA Women’s Soccer Player World Champion like Hope Solo. Likewise there are millions of little league moms and dads that would love it if their child became the  million dollar face of the franchise player for a professional sports team. To be more specific, some of them are working to make on their kids multi-million dollar child athletes.

million dollar child athletes

Aggressive About Children Succeeding

It’s too late for my adult children to get rich in professional sports but my 9 year old grandson is playing little league football so who knows what might happen with him. It was his choice to play and I’m not going to push him if he decides to quit. But some parents are much more aggressive about their children succeeding in sports. They invest thousands of dollars into the best sports equipment, coaches, camps, dietitians, and trainers to help make their children million dollar child athletes. Companies like Nike and Under Armor sell and give away millions of dollars in sports clothing and shoes as an investment in the next crop of sports superstars.

Agents From Birth

Some parents are their children’s agent/managers from the time their children are born. They shape their children’s lives around a potential pro career worth millions of dollars. Former National Football League(NFL) Oakland Raider quarterback Todd Marinovich is an example of this. His father raised him from birth to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously Marinovich made it and got his million dollar contract but unfortunately he flamed out under the pressure of the experience. He turned to drugs and alcohol and was out of football after a short time. Fortunately, women’s professional tennis Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, have made millions of dollars and had tremendous careers after being thrust into tennis by their father.

Million Dollar Athlete Commodities Bought and Sold

Maybe you’ve heard some of the stories about mothers and fathers that fly their children across the country so they can work with elite sports coaches. Then there’s the families that move into a new state, city, or neighborhood so that their child can become a star player on the local high school team. They’re investing thousands of dollars into their children as if the children are million dollar child athletes commodities to be bought and sold.

YouTube Video Sports Stars

Quiet on the set! 3, 2, 1., Action!! That could be the way some young athletes with dreams of playing in the big leagues begin their YouTube video shoot. The NCAA, the governing body for collegiate sports, only allows so many contacts between schools and potential student athletes. YouTube videos are a cheap, effective, and more importantly, a legal way for parents put their sons and daughters in front of coaches and professional scouts that recruit and draft players. Coaches and scouts are major parts of turning gifted children into million dollar child athletes. Not only are some of these parents pushy, they can be pretty sneaky too.