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How an Online Technical Support Technician Repairs 0x0000000A Error?

A live support technician may apply numerous tweaks and tips to repair your PC and resume its operations. Sometimes, availing online technical help may charge hundreds of your hard-earned dollars that you’ve saved for your personal use. Read the article further to know some cool tips that can help you resolve complex Windows errors.

Undoubtedly, online technical support companies employ expert technicians who have immense knowledge about troubleshooting a Windows PC. Unfortunately, many a time, an online PC support technician may not be able to figure out your PC problem precisely and end up by trying unnecessary tweaks. Not all computer support companies are fake and some of the best tech support firms may conduct a detailed study of the error you’re facing and then revert with instant online resolutions. If you’re an average user and don’t know much about codes and programming, then you can easily become a victim of technical support scams. To prevent the same and safeguard your live support experience, here are some of the tips that will describe an entire functioning process while repairing 0x0000000A error.

Error Code: Introduction

You may get the ‘Stop error code 0x0000000A (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL)’ error message in Windows XP, whenever you try to install or finish installing Windows OS. Since Microsoft has already ended XP’s official support, it becomes highly difficult for an average user to troubleshoot the problem. The Stop error message will contain the following format during or after the installation of Windows XP:

“Stop: 0x0000000A (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)


*** Address x has base at x – filename”

Note: where parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4 describes different causes of the problem)

The Stop error message occurs during installation of the Windows XP OS. Users may face the error when there is an attempt in kernel mode to touch pageable memory. Sometimes, you may also get the error because the driver is using an incorrect memory address. An incompatible device driver, hardware issues, or incompatible software are some of the other causes behind the issue.

How an Online Technical Support Technician Will Resolve the Problem?

Method 1: Describe Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

• Press F5 when the ‘Setup is inspecting your computer’s hardware configuration’ message gets displayed, during the OS install

• Specify the correct computer type and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), when prompted

• Try again to reinstall Windows XP.

Method 2: Turn off Some CMOS settings

• See hardware documentation or contact the manufacturer to access the CMOS settings and reinstall Windows after disabling the following features:

All caching

All shadowing

Plug and Play

Any BIOS-based virus protection feature

• Try to find the feature that is causing the error by re-enabling every feature one at a time

• If you are successful in identifying the problematic feature, disable or remove the same.

Method 3: Check the PC RAM

• Remove any mismatched memory module or SIMMs (Single Online Memory Module)

• Run a System Test on the memory

• Remove any bad SIMMs.

• Test system performance by using different SIMMs

• Reinstall Windows XP.

Method 4: Remove Adapters and Hardware Devices

• Find, remove and disconnect all adapters and hardware devices that you don’t require to start the PC or to install Windows XP.

• Try to detect the adapter or hardware device that is causing the error by reconnecting each adapter or hardware device one at a time

• If you identify the problematic adapter or hardware, disconnect it and contact the manufacturer to resolve the issue.


Since Windows XP is one of the outstanding system software manufactured by Microsoft, no one is ready to retire it so easily. Many users are still using the operating system for its brilliant UI, amazing PC gaming support, and excellent application processing features. If complex Windows XP errors are annoying you, then search for the best tech support company and online technical help to resolve problematic PC issues.

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