How an Outdoor Dog Water Fountain Doubles as a Patio Water Feature

If you are trying to create the perfect oasis outdoors for yourself this year and you also have a dog, then here is a great way to not only get a great patio water feature but it is the perfect outdoor dog water fountain for your pooch too!

If like me, your pets are part of the family, then you most likely include them in your relaxing time outdoors, and why not? they love to be with you, but before you know it they are after your favourite beverage or knocking over your cup for a drink or heading for the bird bath.

They are running around the yard, and it gets hot and dogs need a lot of water, so you could simply put out a big ugly water dish that can get knocked over or fill with bugs or you can try this setup.

Instead of having to get out of your favourite lounge chair while in the midst of that great book to let your dog in for a drink, consider this dog drinking fountain. It is a great way to keep your dog outside with you and relaxing.

Outdoor Dog Water Fountain

What I like about it, is that it is not only functional but it is good looking too, and will give you that patio water feature you were looking for. So this way you can take care of two needs, a tranquil fountain and water for your dog. This is a great way to get both, because if your dog is anything like my dog, he would check out a decorative water feature too which would not be good for him or knock over that bird bath. This one is designed specifically for medium to large dogs and the angle is perfect for that quick drink.

It can be run indoors or outdoors and is rated for the rain, so no worries about leaving it outside. You simply fill this unit and then plug it in. It keeps the water moving which keeps it fresh, and dogs love to drink from moving water! My dog loves to drink from moving streams and rivers.

The angle is perfect for larger dogs and older dogs that end up laying down to drink from their water bowl. It is the perfect height and after a play session or chasing his toys around the yard, he can simply grab a quick drink!

If you leave your dog outside all the time then this would be a great way to keep his water cool and fresh and there are no fears of knocking it over like he would do with simply bowls. If you need to leave them outside for a few hours at a time then this unit would work well. You do need to be able to plug it in, but one other great feature is that it is lighted. It has a LED light that will keep it illuminated which also looks good as part of your patio decor.

So, if you want to include your pooch in your outdoor relaxing time, and don’t want to be continually opening the door to let him in and out (and dragging dirt in with him!) then you need to have all his comforts outside. You can also consider a pet potty to keep your yard neat and a Iris pet pen so that he has his own space on the patio to relax in.

Since your dog is part of the family then include him in your patio oasis this year and if you were looking to include a patio water feature then why not get a dog water fountain instead?