How Antidepressants Can Lift Your Mood

There are a great number of illnesses and conditions that people suffer from that are brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle. By making a few simple changes in their diet, and getting up off their butt and exercising a little bit, they would be able to overcome their disease or condition. However, there are some conditions, such as many different types of mental illnesses, which are simply present. The body just doesn’t function the way it needs to, and so people have to turn to medical intervention. Fortunately there are a number of drugs available to help with these.

How Depression Happens

Depression is not just feeling sad. Everyone goes through the cycle of feeling happy and sad based on our circumstances. Sadness is a reaction to external stimuli. Depression, on the other hand, is not a reaction. Depression is a condition that we can’t control. You cannot lift yourself from depression by having a better outlook on life, thinking happy thoughts, or anything like that. You can alleviate the symptoms of depression through diet and exercise, but sometimes these are not enough, and you need a drug to fix the problem.

Very simply put depression is an imbalance in the key chemical components of the brain. The brain uses dopamine and serotonin to help regulate thoughts and moods. When these chemicals become unbalanced, the result can be depression (the opposite is also true, a person can become manic). In order to alleviate the symptoms of depression, one may need to use a drug that can help control these chemicals.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) are the most popular antidepressants on the market. They help to control the brains use of serotonin, and effectively help to balance out a person’s thought patterns. Usually after taking the antidepressant for a period of time, and utilizing the help of a therapist, the individual can overcome the depression and be able to go off the drugs.

These drugs, the most popular of which is Zoloft, work remarkably well. They alleviate the symptoms and help the patient to live a normal life. However, like all prescription drugs, they should be used with caution. There are some devastating side effects that can occur. So in order to maintain the best health a person should use the drug for a short period of time, and then keep their mood elevated with natural methods.

Antidepressants can work remarkably well when they are used appropriately. However, natural methods will always have longer lasting benefits.