How Buying Outdoor Stairlifts in New York Can Resolve the Challenges of Outdoor Staircases

The elderly and people with mobility issues are often unable to access outdoor stairs, which restricts their movement to inside the house. Residential outdoor stair lifts help resolve the challenges posed by garden steps, sun decks, porches, and garage or basement steps and allows you access the outdoors independently. Knowing where to buy outdoor stairlifts in New York is important as there are numerous dealers serving the region.

Weather-Proofed For Outdoor Use

Outdoor Stairlifts usually come with all the features of an indoor lift but are designed specifically for outdoor use. These are built for weather resistance. During adverse weather conditions, the elderly may hesitate to use outdoor staircases for fear of slips and falls. Corrosion-resistant stair chair lifts installed along the outdoor staircase take them up and down the stairs safely and comfortably and help resolve this problem, and improve mobility and independence.

Residential Outdoor Stairlift – Popular Models

Leading manufacturers offer stair chair lifts equipped with prominent features and technical specifications. These unique features provide these devices the ability to withstand some of the most harsh weather conditions. They are built with durable materials that keep them rust free for a long time. Installing an outdoor stair lift model enhances the total resale value of the home as well. Some top models include:

Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor – This model from Bruno features a honeycomb rail design for enhanced stability. Its weather-resistant cover keeps the unit safe from harsh conditions even when the device is not in use. This lift comes with a 400 lb capacity and can be installed on either side of the stairway. Its safety features include offset swivel seat (for easy entry and exit), footrest and carriage safety sensors, retractable seat belt and self-locking worm gear.

B.07 Straight Stair Chair – Savaria B.07 straight stair chair lift comes with AC or battery power and can be set up both indoors and outdoors in residential or commercial buildings. With a load capacity of 300 lbs, it can travel to a height of 32 ft at a maximum speed of 18 fpm. The device features a swivel seat and footrest that can be easily folded up to allow more space on the stairway. Other features include

>> Wall-mounted call/send controls
>> Seatbelt with locking mechanism
>> Seat swivel switch
>> Safety brake and switches
>> Obstruction sensors on footrest
>> Foldable and non-skid footrest
>> Flip-up padded armrests

Acorn Superglide – This is a fully weather-proof stairlift ideal for outdoor use even by those people with limited dexterity. With a slim line fold-away design, this lift allows easy access to the outdoor staircase and fits directly to the stairs and not the wall. Waterproof components are added for additional protection. Key features include diagnostic digital display, safety belt (for added security), padded seat and backrest, remote controls and folding arms, seat and footrest.

Purchase from a Reliable Dealer

Find a reliable dealer of accessibility equipment serving your locality. The right dealer will help you choose a model that can meet your specific needs. They will also provide you with timely and efficient after-sales support including timely maintenance, inspection and repair.