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How Can I Get Relief From Joint Pain Through Diet and Exercise?

How can I get relief from joint pain is a question that millions of people that suffer joint pain frequently ask. There are many different causes of joint pain that range from gout, to tennis elbow to arthritis and more. As America’s Baby Boomers age, more people than ever suffer from some form of joint pain. This and other factors have knee and hip replacement surgery high on the list of replacement surgeries. Surgery is usually a last resort. In some cases, joint pain can be relieved through diet and exercise.

Everyone knows how important a good diet is key to good health for everyone whether you suffer from joint pain or not. So how much you eat is just as important as what you eat. In fact, being overweight can contribute to joint pain. If you exercise a lot you may eat more to replace the calories you burn. But if you’re overweight, you don’t want to replace those calories so that you can lose weight and take some stress off of your joints.

Joint pain from Gout, a well known type of arthritis, is caused when too much Uric acid builds up in joints. Uric acid forms ions and salts known as Urates and Acid Urates. High levels of Uric acid causes, plate-like scales to form in between and around joints causing discomfort in the joint. The formation of uric is due to how the body reacts to certain foods so doctors have developed diet plans just for people that suffer joint pain due to Gout.

Ironically, Tennis elbow is a form of joint pain that’s caused from over exerting the elbow and/or from using bad technique when swinging a tennis racquet. When a tennis player swings and makes contact with a tennis ball, the force of the blow impacts their elbow, which has to repeatedly resist and overcome these forces during a tennis match. Younger players that haven’t played enough tennis to build enough strength in their forearms and biceps to protect their elbow from the torque applied to their elbows may be high risk for tennis elbow. Elderly people that are losing muscle mass may have the same potential for tennis elbow as the young tennis player.

Lifting weights is the most obvious way to increase arm strength. Anyone suffering from tennis elbow could also benefit from other forms of exercise like push-ups or water aerobics to strengthen their arms to help resist forces on the elbow that lead to joint pain from tennis elbow. If you have problems with joint pain from tennis elbow, you should also be sure that your tennis racquet is the right one for you. Is it the right size and weight? Is it strung properly? One other thing you can do is to learn how to swing a tennis racquet correctly. That alone could go a long way toward helping you get relief from joint pain caused by tennis elbow.

Personally, I’ve suffered from joint pain for years due to a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in my right knee and a broken ankle on my left foot. I tore or “blew out” my ACL during a basketball game when my right foot rolled over on the inside of the foot, bending my left knee toward my right knee. Unfortunately for me, the knee joint doesn’t hinge in that direction. I tore the ACL, which runs vertically along the outside of the knee joint. It helps stabilize the knee and helps prevent it from bending from side-to-side, which is what happened in my case. Even after surgery to repair it, my ACL was weak and sore. To be honest I didn’t rehab my knee after surgery and I didn’t do a good job of it at home. Which leads to how I answer your question, “How can I get relief from joint pain?”

A man who has been involved in martial arts for several decades told me that martial arts like Tae Kwon Do are known to help relieve joint pain. He said that practicing Tae Kwon Do would get blood and oxygen into sore joints and where it would help relieve joint pain. I began doing some stretching exercises that he gave me and I have to say that my knee and ankle feel stronger and more stable than they have in years. Now I’m taking lessons and continuing to experience relief from joint pain and getting in better overall physical condition.

Disclaimer: This author is not a doctor and is not offering medical advice or treatment. The views expressed in this article are the writers’ opinion. Anyone suffering from joint pain should see a qualified physician.

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