How Can I Relieve Sinus Congestion?

How can I relieve sinus congestion is a question that millions of allergy sufferers struggle with on a regular basis. Doctors write millions of prescriptions for allergy sufferers and millions, if not billions of dollars are spent on over-the-counter allergy medications every year. Even with all of prescriptions filled and money spent on allergy and cold medications, people still struggle with the sneezing, itchy eyes, swelling, and pain of allergies.

Modern Science vs Mom’s Old School Remedy

Researchers spend millions of dollars trying to make allergy medications to relieve sinus congestion and they work to varying degrees but sometimes the simplest solutions are the least expensive solutions. For example, when I was a kid, we couldn’t always afford a doctor when I had a cold or sinusitis. The congestion in my chest made it hard to breath. My mother or grandmother would rub Vapor Rub on my chest and neck at night before I went to bed. I liked the menthol vapors and they helped me breath and get a good nights sleep. So now wen my sinuses clog up and I can’t breath, I make a vapor rub mustache that helps me breathe and get a good night of sleep. There are also some odor free alternatives on the market today that can be used to help relieve sinus congestion. Always consult your doctor before you use these methods or a medical treatment other than what’s prescribed by your physician.

Be Inclined to Incline

When I got older I started having sinus congestion that caused pain behind my eyes. My sinuses don’t drain properly and get clogged. Sometimes this is caused when I sleep lying flat with just one or two pillows. But if I sleep inclined by several pillows I get a good night’s sleep without any sinus problems. A sinus congestion sufferer could try doing this by using several pillows to sleep inclined to help solve their sinus problems. There are also “wedge-shaped pillows” made for sleeping in an inclined position. If sleeping in an inclined position helps solve sinus congestion, it may be worth it to buy a wedge-shaped pillow. Another remedy may be to buy an adjustable bed that gives control of the degree of incline. This is much more expensive but it could help solve sinus congestion. An adjustable bed may be worth it depending on how much money is being spent for sinus medicine and how bad your sinus condition is.

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A Pain in the Eye

One last technique is to flushing eyes with running water. Sometimes I can clear up sinus congestion by holding my eyes under running water. (I wonder if this isn’t a reaction to something that I got in my eyes more than sinus congestion but it happens on a regular basis). My point is that it relieves the pressure and pain on the back of my eyes and makes life a lot better. But these unorthodox but inexpensive home remedies may help relieve your sinus congestion.

When Taking These Medications

Using a topical medication like Vapor Rub, sleeping on an incline, or flushing your eyes with water are all good ways to clear up your sinuses and breathe freely. You can use one or any combination of them to get the relief you need. Experiment the next time you have sinus blockage and see what works best for you. The good news is, that you can get relief from some sinus problems in a safe and inexpensive way. Notice that these treatments DO NOT have a string of warnings behind them that say they may cause heart attack, diarrhea, kidney disease, loss of vision, vomiting and dizziness. That’s because they’re chemical free, family friendly ways to relieve sinus congestion.

I am not a medical doctor nor is this information intended as medical advice. Please consult your physician before taking any medications to relieve your sinus congestion.

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