How Can I Tell If My Child Is Gifted?

Some parents are able to tell that their child is gifted at an early age. If the parents can help the child develop and build on this intellectual ability or strength, the child will be able to have accelerated learning ability by the time they start school.

How is a Child Gifted?

Generally, teachers are able to identify gifted children in the classrooms. Some schools have recommendations of special learning programs for the gifted children to help them excel quickly in their learning but these programs do cost extra for parents.

A gifted child is always ahead of their peer group in school. They are learning at a faster pace than their peers and are able to solve maths problems quicker than the rest of their classmates.

Does Giftedness Run in the Family?

Gifted children are born gifted and they have strengths that can develop a lot further than other children. Encouragement cannot make a child gifted nor can any amount of money make a child gifted. Giftedness also runs in the family. If there are other members of the extended family who are gifted, it is not unusual to have some gifted children in the family.


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How do I Know if My Child is Gifted?

There are traits that identify giftedness and talent in children. Parents of gifted children may have observed some of these characteristics in their children:

Curious about Everything

It is very normal for most young children to ask “why?” in every conversation but gifted children yearn for more answers to the questions they ask. They will not be satisfied with a simple answer to the question “why?”, they want to know “how?”, “when?”, “where?”,”who? and “what?”. They love information, the more information they can get, the better.

Very Observant

Gifted children are very observant at a young age. They love details. A young gifted child is able to produce a nice drawing and explain the details in it that even their own parents are surprised with what they observe.

Has Good Memory

Parents of a gifted child will very soon discover they have to be careful with what they say or promise to do. A three-year-old can actually remember the parents had mentioned about going to the park on the weekend. If that promise is not fulfilled, parents will find themselves in a lot of trouble trying to come up with valid reasons why they have not been to the park.

Wide Area of Interest

A gifted child is interested in many things and have the motivation to explore everything that comes their way. They have intense focus and motivation on the subjects that interest them.

Long Attention Span

Most mothers looking after preschool children always say they are exhausted trying to come up with ideas on how to keep their children occupied at home. Whatever activities their children do usually last for less than ten minutes and then the children will be pestering for something else to play with.

Gifted children have longer attention span, they are preoccupied in their little own world with a lot of thinking and analysing while they play with a simple toy in their hands.

Relates to Information

Every child is different. Some children are able to relate to ideas more quickly than others. A gifted child has a very good understanding of things at a very early age and can relate to many ideas without overcoming a lot of difficulties. They can comprehend complex concepts and ideas quickly.

Imaginative and Creative

Gifted children are very imaginative, their thinking has indefinite boundaries and they have the ability to think “outside the box” without being taught. If you child always come up with a lot of unusual imagination beyond your own, chances are your child is gifted.

Learning to Read at an Early Age

Some young children have an interest in picture books at an early age while others would rather run around playing physical games. Learning to read can be a totally different interest. Gifted children are not only interested in the pictures in a book but they are somehow fascinated with the words that accompany the pictures. Once they learn that the words can actually tell a story, there is no stopping them in learning to read. By the time they are ready for school, most gifted children are already into their first or second level of reading while other children are only beginning to learn their alphabets.

Critical Thinking Skills

With the ability to relate to ideas and concepts, a gifted child also has the ability to identify problems and solving them in an effective manner. They are able to deal with the complexity of different problems and provide appropriate solutions.

Has a Developed Sense of Humor

Being able to understand words with much deeper meanings, gifted children tend to be able to come up with ideas and humor using a wide range of words that they know. In many cases, other children always find these gifted children interesting and have a great sense of humor.

Gets Along Well with Older People

As gifted children are more advanced in their thinking, they seem to relate well with people older than them. They love the fact that older people have more knowledge and wider scope of topics in their discussions. Most gifted children interacts well with parents and teachers because these adults are the people who usually share a lot of knowledge and information with them.

Excellent Vocabulary

A gifted child usually acquires extensive vocabulary from reading books before starting school and their vocabulary normally will increase at an exponential rate as they learn more reading and writing at school. They will also be reading books that are written for older children.

Prefers Intellectual Activities

Activities that challenge the mind are usually the type of games a gifted child would prefer. They prefer a game that stimulates their thinking than dozens of games that do not have problem solving activities.

Likes to Learn New Things

There is never a dull moment for a gifted child if there is always something new to learn. They love learning new things, more challenges, more information and more interesting stuffs.

Meticulous and a Perfectionist

A gifted child takes pride in their work though they are critical with their own work. As a result, they tend to work meticulously and are perfectionists.

Not all gifted children will show all of the characteristics mentioned. Some parents might not observe any of these traits at all until the child is much older because in some cases, giftedness is hidden.

If you think you have a gifted child, you can help develop your child’s strengths by showing your support in their interests and learning. Your child will be able to build up their confidence in learning and knows there is always someone there to help them if they do encounter a problem or if they need an opinion.