How Can I Train Golf Properly?

Why am I not getting better?

Nowadays, we all have less time. Profession, family and friends demand a lot from us and often only little or no time remains for the training. Many golfers use this less time but rather inadequately for their own training. Have you ever wondered why you have not improved or your expectations on the golf course were disappointed again and again although you have trained so much and have put precious time in the training?

Pracitce to play great!

Besides many other factors it could be that you practice to be good on the driving range or in the exercise area, but do not practice to play golf or to practice the requirements set by the course. Many golfers hit many balls on the driving range one after the other with same club from the same position at the same target. This would happen on the golf course. This way of practice is called ‘Blocked practice’. It means that a movement is practiced again and again in the same way until it automatically expires.

But the result is, that:

  1. The concentration decreases rapidly and
  2. The brain is eventually shut down and the training effect is no longer given. It becomes boring for the brain, because this way and type of practice is not at all interesting.
  3. Moreover, this type does not make fun. And fun is what it takes to play good golf.

‘Blocked practice’ leads to the fact, that a learnt movement is implemented again and again. But, this is totally untypical for the game on the golf course, which always demands new solutions to new situations and impacts. However, it is useful if it is used to learn a new movement. But only if one concentrates 100% on this movement or the detail of the movement, which should be practiced. It is ideal for beginners. But as said, do it only with 100% concentration.

Use random practice

It would be better to use the ‘random practice’ or variable training. A type of training that corresponds to the requirements of a tournament round on the golf course. Here, each stroke is different. This means that there is a new target each time, a different swing path, a different swing range or a different club is used just like on the golf course. For example, play your home course on your Range. First hit your driver. Than visualise the new situation and do what you think is required to do. This leads to a new situation after each stroke, the concentration remains higher and the learning effect is thus significantly increased. In addition, this training is much more entertaining.
Here is an example from mathematics. Who learns to multiply knows the Procedure.

5 x 5 = 25. Now the ‘Blocked practice’ means that this calculation repeats once again and once again and once again. Here, the problem is that multiplying itself will not be repeated but only the result. One has even not forgotten, what is 5 x 5. It is 25. Right?

5 x 5 = 25, 7 x 9 = 63, 4 x 6 = 24 etc. In this approach, one learns to multiply for the ‘random practice’, because every time a new task is set, which demands the same procedure, namely multiplying. You recognize the Parallels to the training example described by me?

I have already described many training examples for “random practice”. The balls series from one of my previous articles would be one to choose.

„My 5 Rules“ for your own training

  1. Use a new target for each stroke,
  2. Use another club for each stroke
  3. Place the ball deliberately in difficult situations (eg divot)
  4. Every time use a pre-and post-shot routine
  5. Stay focused

Have fun during training!