How Can Qualitative Research Benefit Your Business?

Why should I use qualitative research? How can it benefit me?

These are common questions business owners ask, when suggested embarking on qualitative research. While qualitative research isn’t very easy to evaluate, it has its own set of advantages, which we’ll talk about in this post.

Qualitative data provides valuable, descriptive, rich understanding into the behaviors, lifestyles, aspirations, opinions, motivations, beliefs and attitudes of individuals. Qualitative research methods may be free flowing or semi structured, depending on the objectives and questions of of the research thus allowing the researcher gain valuable insights into its research subjects or the individuals being researched upon.

Several types of qualitative research can be conducted. One of the popular types is the traditional focus group where a discussion is facilitated with six or more people with an on-site moderator amidst them. Focus group discussions help gain an on-the-spot understanding of the individuals’ responses on a particular issue. However, traditional focus group discussions can be time consuming and labor intensive. A faster and easier way to do this is by on-line surveys where discussions can be conducted in the same way as in the traditional one except that the discussions will conducted via online chat rooms.

Benefits of Qualitative Research for Marketing

Qualitative research helps you gain insight into the respondent’s very own voice thus helping you understand the reasons behind his/ her opinion. This will also help researchers understand the kinds of languages individuals use to express their opinion on an idea or topic. This in turn, will help brands produce products and services that are more user friendly.

For instance, a brand recently conducted a market research at the home of a participant in the research, who represented the target market. A diary was maintained about how products were use, which ones did well and which ones didn’t. This provided the brand with valuable insights into what kind of services or products to make so as to serve the customers in a better way.

Through qualitative research, marketers can also come up with new product or service ideas by discussing a topic with the target audience. Innovative products ideas can be discovered by evaluating the motivations that underlie the subject’s behavior.

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