How Can Video Analysis Software Help Improve Sports Performance?

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Coaches and sports professionals know that in order to obtain peak levels of performance there needs to be constant review of current performance. All athletes have areas they can improve upon. That is where analysis comes into the picture. Videotaping the athlete in action is the best way to observe what is good and what needs work. However, trying to manually critique everything is time consuming. That is why many coaches are turning to video analysis software. There are several reasons why this type of software is revolutionizing the way athletes train.

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Easy to Use:

Analytic software is designed to be user friendly. Sophisticated technical knowledge is not required. This is important because most athletic coaches and players want a quick method for analyzing performance. A main menu that is intuitive controls this Video analysis software. Basic features are tagging, fast playback and file categorization. Once the video is analyzed the notes are stored for easy retrieval.

Completely Customized:

Professional video analysis software can be customized to suit the needs of any type of sports. It can be used as a Swing Analyzer Software to analyze the swing movement of individual golfers. Or, the coach of a soccer team can monitor the performance of each player on the team. Coaches can store valuable information about players and compare and contrast all sorts of match ups. It allows for the creation of categories and subcategories. This means that a coach can break down performance criteria into minute detail.

Flexible Game Analysis:

The software makes a great companion during any post game analysis meeting. Coaches can draw graphics right onto the video footage to highlight specific points of interest. A special feature is the ability to upload video during the game. This feature allows coaches to do live analysis of play and use this information to adjust strategies.

Special Effects:

One of the special effects that have proven to be invaluable during the analysis process is the ability to split the screen in half. This allows side-by-side comparisons. Slow motion is another one. Other cool effects are a visible timer and the capturing of still images.


Statistics are a part of any type of athletic performance. The best analysis software gives coaches and players updated statistical information. Performance statistics are quickly accessed and categorized into charts or graphs.

Through the use of modern video analysis software coaches and athletes are able to quickly spot weak points and develop strategies to improve. The software provides fast analysis for individuals and entire teams. Software of this nature gives players an edge over their competition by providing detailed insight into sports performance.

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How Can Video Analysis Software Help Improve Sports Performance?, Seekyt
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