How can you book a cheap family holiday?

Booking a family holiday can put a big hole in your bank balance and while many people enjoy the 7 day break with their family is it worth the money? I have looked into several ways to cut the bill without cutting the fun.

According to several recent surveys it costs a Brit approximately £1000 extra to go to a foreign country for their yearly trip than to stay within the UK. Spain is the most popular destination for UK tourists who want to escape the British climate and have a cheap holiday. Spain has average temperatures of between 18oc and 45oc in the summer allowing you to enjoy the warm weather and experience a new location. However there are several locations within the UK that can offer something for the whole family.

The UK and Ireland is the home to many great beaches and tourist locations. Devon and Cornwall are two of the most popular in England and allow tourists to get away from city life. Cornwall is famous for its beaches and relatively hot weather and Devon is great for those that want to explore country life. In recent years the British summers have been cold and wet however 2011 looks like the ideal time to stay in the country.

Staying within the UK can cut transport costs drastically, even when compared to cheap flights. The UK has many holiday cottages available to rent around key tourist destinations. Prices tend to range from £300 to £500 for the whole family, approximately 1/3 of a families typical holiday cost.

If you are looking for cheap attractions during your trip we suggest exploring the local town’s tours. Cornwall and Devon are both home to castles which are open to the public which are perfect for people of all ages. Devon has monkey world which is perfect for animal lovers and Cornwall has the Eden project for those that are interested in both architecture and plant life.

With fresh fish and chips available at the local sea side, classic ales available in the nearby pub and natural beauty in England’s National Parks is there any reason to leave UK soil?