How Companies Must Manage Worker’s Compensation Claims

According to legal experts, businesses which rate their employees on experience basis have something to do with each and every dollar that an employee should claim for their worker’s compensation cost.

If companies think that the main objective of workers compensation policy is to simply pay claims, they’re certainly wrong because its not a simple and easy process.

To begin with, employers that are held liable to workers compensation cases can encounter difficulties in managing if they will not ensure that claims are well checked and balanced.

According to Attorney Mike Celeste, Workers Comp lawyer from West Palm Beach, compensation is not just focused on paying claims. Its main objective is to secure the welfare of an injured employee and that the funds that they need are managed with the help and expertise of various claims management services when injury at work takes place.

Now, the main question is, how should employers manage the compensation claims of their workers? Read some of the guidelines below and learn a basic overview courtesy of a veteran Workers’ Compensation attorney in West Palm Beach.

The Impact of Small Injuries

Strains, sprains, back, neck and joint pains are considered minor injuries. However, they represent 80 – 90% of the costs in the system.

According to Frank Pennachio, co-founder of the WorkComp Advisory Group, these are the most challenging claims that he have ever observed over the years.

Although these injuries require first aid treatment or few visits to medical specialists, if they are not treated properly, more severe injury with big claims is likely to take place.

Proper monitoring of TPA claims to keep expenses in check

TPA or Third-party administrators’ adjusters ensure that adjusters are complying with the claimant’s expectation while maintaining close involvement with the amount of money required for their medical expenses.

A social security lawyer based in West Palm Beach also emphasized that failure to properly monitor TPA will result to higher claims costs whether the TPA is consists of a small business or a large, well known company or industry.

Cooperate to get your employee back to work immediately

The main purpose of a worker’s compensation program is to make sure that injured workers are provided the best medical and rehabilitation treatment to get back to work as soon as possible.

An employer’s cooperation is also a challenging task to address since it’s all about human behavior and most of the injuries are a result of workplace hazards and unsafe condition. Even though they’re eliminated, they could still happen.

When it comes to the compensation of long-time workers, Atty. Mike Celeste, also a veteran’s disability lawyer West Palm Beach noted that they can assist workers and negotiate with their employers by reviewing documents and other legal papers to file for a more organized settlement in court.