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How Corporate Entertainment Is Changing

Wolf of Wall Street partyThe Ever-Evolving Office Party

These days, events are more professional and focused on team building – but that doesn’t mean scrimping on the fun.

When you think of corporate entertainment, what comes to mind? Is it a dull conference, or a totally outrageous The Wolf of Wall Street style event? Well, modern corporate parties are neither. Rather, they take inspiration from current culture and focus on boosting team relationships. Can they still be fun though? Absolutely.

Forget the Wild Past

Corporate entertainment isn’t quite as wild as it once was. Films like The Wolf of Wall Street show bosses throwing debauched parties for their workers as a way of thanking them. Scantily clad girls dancing on tables? Check. Champagne corks flying through the air? Check. The office being left in a terrible state for the cleaners the next morning? Double check. While this makes for brilliant cinematic inspiration, blue chip companies grew up and moved with the times. The workplace became a place of mutual respect, not insanity. As a result, so did corporate events. Rather than mindless indulgence; office parties have become a little bit more, well, professional.

Current Party Trends

Corporate parties now focus on fun activities that bring colleagues together and boost team morale. From murder mystery evenings to cocktail making sessions, there are hundreds of activities designed to get party-goers thinking and working as a team. People who don’t interact much in the office will have the chance to spend time together at an event like this, making for a stronger workforce.

Culture and current trends can also influence corporate entertainment. Event management companies are increasingly called upon to transform a venue, turning it into a casino straight out of a James Bond movie or a ballroom fit for Strictly Come Dancing. These kinds of office parties are allowing workers to indulge in a little bit of light-hearted escapism.

Bosses are Thinking More Carefully

Drinking and letting your hair down are still a big part of most events, but the focus is on having a good time that doesn’t infringe on professionalism. Bosses want to lead by example, and don’t indulge in any activities that could jeopardise the image of the company. In an age where one incriminating photo can spread like wildfire online, it’s important that people don’t embarrass the company by doing something stupid, or worse, breaking the law.

Professional Party Girls are Still Part of the Picture

Of course, there’s still a place for beautiful women at corporate functions. Their role is just a little better-rounded now. Rather than being there just as a piece of eye candy, a party girl at a corporate event is there to get everyone in the mood. You’ll find them chatting and flirting with party goers, making them feel more at ease. Whether it’s dancing with people or sitting down at a table to share a few glasses of champagne, professional party girls are trained to make your event that little bit more special for all guests. Whatever the mood, they’ll fit right in. To find party girls in the capital, just contact some escorts in Central London – there are many to choose from.

There’s a Lot at Stake

A life of excess didn’t end well for the slick city traders in famous films, and modern bosses are all too aware of that. Professionalism always comes first. The departure from extravagant parties of old doesn’t mean that corporate events have become watered down though. They’re still thrown to let employees have a great time – just in an environment that’s saner and more suitable for the image of the company! With the right planning and personnel, a modern office party can be spectacular for all the right reasons.

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