How could be burnt the extra Fat?

The Green tea is prepared under minimum oxidation’s process with the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. Its country of origin is China but now it has been largely consumed in different countries and civilizations. In the western countries it is being used in the form of Black tea. The black tea is also made with the leaves of Camellia sinensis through ferment process thereby the effectiveness has been reduced up to on a half.

It has been produced in different verities according to the variation in weather conditions, horticulture, production process and harvesting time.

There would be quite a few drinks in the World which will have biggest advantages for health than Green Tea. The Chinese people have broader knowledge about green tea because they have been used for many decades for treating headache, sleeplessness disorder, depression and stomach pain.

Later on the westerns experts were motivated by the Chinese lifestyle seeing excellent results of green tea on their healthy bodies especially they were astonished to watch the Chinese people those were drinking green tea, how were remained of their 60% secure by the esophagus’s cancer. They were also surprised to see why are the lesser levels of cardiovascular diseases in French nation as compared to the American, while both the nations eat rich proteins foods. The reason finds out that the French nation drink red wine in which an element Resveratrol (another form of Polyphenols) is existed, which destroys the bad affects of protein based foods. It was discovered by the research that the scientific component EGCG in green tea has much powerful against diseases as compared to the Resveratrol.

Eventually the Western researchers were also succeeded to identify a chemical existing in green tea which provided complete protection against cancer.

It was discovered with this research that those people drink green tea regularly, not only decreases cholesterol from their blood even the level of LDL and HDL cholesterol also comes on a balance position. Green Tea provides security against all types of cancer, higher cholesterol level in the blood, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Green tea’s component “Caffeine” also plays a vital role to make the body energetic. Caffeine is also found in black tea and coffee but its accessibility in green tea has more protected position.

The genuine Strength of Green Tea:

A scientific liquid in Green tea called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is existed inside the Polyphenols, which has the ability to wipe out all kinds of cancer and did not leave any drawbacks on other parts of the body. When a patient spends from Chemotherapy process, with the treatment of cancer it leaves affects on the other parts of the patient’s body as well, while the EGCG provides protection against cancer to the body as a whole.

The EGCG also decreases the LDL Cholesterol’s level from the blood and creates hurdles to make thicker bubbles in the blood. The study from US revealed that if green tea taken on a regular basis, the EGCG can also burn the abdominal fat up to 40% in overweight persons and becomes a reason of weight loss. However the study suggested that high doses of EGCG do not give extra fat burning advantages.