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How Custom Built Wardrobes in Dublin Can Add Elegance To Your Place

The use of custom-built furniture has gained immense popularity with homeowners over the years. This is a notable change from a few years back when custom-built wardrobes (and furniture in general) was considered a preserve of the well-to-do. Perhaps this is an indication that the modern homeowner understands how custom built wardrobes in Dublin can add elegance to your place. This article explores a few reasons why custom-built wardrobes have become synonymous with elegance in the contemporary word.

The Perfect Fit

Perhaps the best thing about custom-built wardrobes is the fact that they are made to fit the areas in which they are to be installed perfectly. This means that all aspects of the wardrobe design including its shape and size are made to suit their intended area of installation. In the absence of custom-built wardrobes, it would next to impossible to get a wardrobe that fits exactly into that tight corner on one end of the room. The space in that corner would have to be used for something else or it would go to waste altogether. Therefore, homeowners don’t need to worry about where to place custom-built wardrobes within the room.

  1. Custom-built wardrobes open up awkward and otherwise inaccessible spaces for constructive use.
  2. Custom-Built Wardrobes Allow For Maximum Use Of Available Space

Anyone wondering how custom-built wardrobes can add elegance to your place should understand that custom wardrobes end up using much less space as compared to conventional wardrobes. In part, this advantage stems from the fact that custom built wardrobes are designed to be a perfect fit. As such the wardrobe does not consume an extra amount of space. In a large number of cases, custom built wardrobes are fitted into the wall meaning they do not occupy previously unused space within the room.
By allowing for maximum use of available space, custom built wardrobes can also help to increase the value of the home. This is because the amount of useable space around the home often has a profound impact on the final market price of the home.

In addition to this, custom built wardrobes are designed to cover the full height of the room from floor to ceiling. This helps to reduce the chances of dust accumulating on the tops surface of the wardrobe thereby resulting in allergic reactions among the people who use the wardrobe regularly. The fact that there is no open wardrobe surface for dust and dirt to accumulate also means that there is less cleaning to be done with a custom=built wardrobe.

Greater Personalization

If still not convinced how custom-built wardrobes can add elegance to your place, consider the fact that it will be almost impossible to find another custom wardrobe with the exact style and design. Of course unless the homeowner shared details of the design with a friend or an associate. It definitely feels good to stand out and be unique and custom-built wardrobes provide this level of uniqueness in terms of wardrobe style and design.

In addition to this, custom-built wardrobes give the homeowner a wider range of personalization options with regard to the interior layout of their wardrobe. A custom wardrobe allows the homeowner to choose between shelves, hanging racks, baskets and hideaway cabinets for their wardrobe interior.
For more information on how custom-built wardrobes can add elegance to your place, get in touch with the professionals at SKON Design.

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