How Different Are Colored Contacts From Regular Ones?

Costume contacts are made to alter your eye color, either enhancing eyes’ natural color by using a just a little dyed lens or modifying it dramatically with deeply colored one. They are very similar to regular lenses, but they are dyed on the section that goes over the iris, the colored area around the black of the eye. Many costume lenses are available in plano form, or without any prescription, and can be used by people with no eyesight problems who wish to alter how their eyes look.

Is it Possible To See Through Colored Lenses?

Coloured contacts have an area in the middle that isn’t opaque, so you can see normally through them, though in some cases they can move on your eye and affect your vision a bit. Use caution if you are driving with fashion lenses on, especially if they are old or lighting conditions aren’t optimal, as your peripheral eyesight may be affected, but wearing your cheap vampire contact lenses to a Halloween party shouldn’t cause any problem. Some costume and sclera contacts used for films and theatrical productions are 100% opaque and you won’t be able to see through them while wearing them.

How Frequently Can This type of Contact lenses Be Used?

High-quality costume contact lenses are quite similar to their therapeutic counterparts, and can be worn to transform the color of your eyes every day, provided that you change them as per your optician instructions. On the other hand, cheap contact lenses usually become uncomfortable after 10 hours or so, and you really shouldn’t be wearing them regularly (but they are perfect for a party!). Wild contact lenses, such as those painted with smileys, UV lenses and other fashion contact lenses are usually less forgiving on the eyes and should be used less regularly to avoid irritation, especially if you work on a very dry atmosphere.

Maintenance Of Colored Contact lenses

If you are an existing user of prescription contact lenses you won’t be surprised to hear that the maintenance procedure for your colored lenses is no different. Many cosmetic lenses are built to be used only for a specific period of time after the first time, often ranging from a month to three months, provided they are cleaned and stored properly.

Do I Need To See An Optician?

Even if you have no sight problems, it’s prudent to consult your optician and get a prescription before buying your new pair of fashion contacts. The main reason for this is two-fold: Not all contact lenses suit everybody’s eyes and you will need to learn how insert and remove them without hurting your cornea. Your eye specialist will also teach you proper storage methods so you can wear the contacts until their replacement date without damaging your eyes.

Some cosmetic lenses known as sclera contact lenses are larger than regular ones, and cover the white of your eyes, known as sclera. This type of lenses are high-priced as they are often made to order, and in many cases used in films and theathre. For example, the character played by Natalie Portman in Black Swan used custom-made black swan contact lenses which have become a favorite for Halloween. This kind of contacts are totally different from standard contact lenses and younever buy them without receiving training on how to wear them and having your eyes tested for compatibility.