Digestion is the chemical breakdown of food substances into smaller components which can easily be absorbed into the blood stream.

Apart from the teeth and tongue, almost the rest of the digestive system parts cannot be seen.
Most people have being struggling to find out how food digests once it enters into the mouth. In this article, I will give out what actually goes on in the inner system.

Once food is taken into the mouth, it is chewed by the teeth and this provides a large surface area for enzyme reaction. After chewing, the salivary gland produces a fluid known as the saliva. The saliva mixes with the food thoroughly and this makes the swallowing of food easier.

The tongue now rows the food into bolus and pushes it to the back of the throat. The food now passes through the esophagus / gullet. The Esophagus is a muscular tube which connects food from the mouth to the stomach. Food goes down through the eso phagus by the force of gravity. When food gets into the stomach, it rests for 3-4hours before the main digestion process starts.

After the 3-4 hours relaxation of food in the stomach, the food passes through the small intestine . The small intestine is made up of the ileum and the duodenum. The small intestine is where much of the digestion and absorption of water is done.

The food then moves into the large intestine. The large intestine is made up of the caecum , colon and the rectum. Water is also absorbed from the undigested food substance in the colon. Th e food become semi-solid/waste/feces after water have been absorbed from it.

The waste/semi-solid/feces food substance now moves into the rectum where it is eventually released via the anus.

NB: The process by which feces is removed from the rectum is known as EGESTION