How Do Home Schooling Work?


Home schooling is a concept in which parents like or choose to educate their children at home. They do not want to send their children to a private or public school for many fold reasons. At the beginning it was a conservative belief being the reason not to send children to traditional schools. However with the increase of home schooling concepts there were very reasons. Parents did not like the education program or not good options, distinct religious belief or education philosophy, the overall progress of a child would be restrained within traditional school campus. In 70s, famous authors and researchers like John Holt, Dorothy and Raymond Moore wrote about educational reforms kicked start the home schooling movement. Home schooling was proposed as an alternate educational option by them. All 50 states and many foreign countries have legalized home schooling system. National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) has reported an increase of 15% annually in home schooling in US alone.

Homeschooling in America

‘Education News’ a report published by an online journal states that home schooling children all over in states of America has inflated by 75% over past two decades. It states that current number being only 4% and its growing seven fold faster with K-12 enrolments annually. In 2011 there were approximately 2.346 million children home schooling in the US confirmed a study conducted by National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI). This data was a resultant of information from state, federal and private education home schooling sectors. The concept of home schooling was mainly pioneered by conservative Christian parents in US due to their pessimistic perception of the traditional schooling environment. Department of Education surveyed that parents had various reasons for their children home schooling such drug abuse, safety, religious and moral values etc. There were only a few parents who chose home schooling because their children had special needs.

How do they work?

A question to ask in-case you have no experience what so ever with home schooling is “Is it possible to learn without a professor or a teacher?” And if the answer is yes then you will be confused how and for some it is next to impossible. The irony is that whatever you do to find out ‘How This Stuff Works’ means you are indirectly home schooling yourself. It is purely self motivated education.

The concept of Home schooling in America has increased many folds. However there are certain aspects one should consider while doing so. The first thing you have to do is establish your home education legally depending upon the state you live in because rules and regulations differ within states and countries of the world. For guidelines one can refer to HSLDA and AtoZ Home’s Cool sites. The next step is to confirm the budget. Home schooling investment varies from $300 to $2500 depending upon the activities and supplies you plan to take or use. Thirdly enroll your child in community activities of his/her interest so that ‘all work and no play make jack a dull boy.’ The child must socialize. And lastly is recognizing your own ability to teach your child.


We have seen that home schooling concept is on a rise gradually and its huge educational reform. In this paper we have discussed some facts and findings of many researchers. We conclude that home schooling is a very economical and regarded as high moral influence within community.