How do Homeless People get Money?

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If you live in a big city, you will no doubt have come across a lot of homeless people and have probably wondered how they get money to live. These homeless people come in different shapes and sizes. There are those who are unkempt and there are others who are not so shabby looking. It is sometimes intriguing to note that those who have to wake up early in the morning and race to get to work often struggle to make ends meet. If you have a job and you are struggling, how do homeless people get money and manage to survive even during the winter months. Depending on the location and the culture, some homeless people actually make more money than you would imagine.

How Much Do They Make?

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If you take for example a homeless person sitting at the corner of a busy street, if you can imagine about 5000 people walking past every single day. How many of those do you think will feel sorry and donate something? If 200 people were to give the homeless person $.10, how much will that translate to by the end of the day? That will work out to $20 per day just to seat there and receive donations. If you multiply that by five, that is $100 per week. For someone who doesn’t have a mortgage, a car and other charges it is a good salary of $400 per month.

Government Assistance

Some homeless people are not homeless. Some actually get assistance from the government and they also have homes to go to. If you think about the housing aid, utility bills assistance and other revenue that can be generated by milking the system, adding $400 to that is not to be scorned at.

That is not to say that every homeless person is in the situation. However, it highlights the fact that those sleeping rough or living on the streets can make money if they know how to make the public feel sorry for them. There are other homeless people who are talented and will play music or perform live. These groups of talented homeless people actually make more than $20 per day. That is because the public can be entertained and feel they are not donating to propagate laziness. They might feel they are contributing to help out potential artist. Street performers will also receive more than the usual $.10 donation. Some people have been generous enough to even give about two dollars and upwards.

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How do Homeless People get Money?, Seekyt
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