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How do I Figure Out What Career I Want?

If you’re tired of working a dead end job, or the prospects of working in one for forty years don’t appeal to you, you may be wondering, how do I figure out what career I want? While there are several methods to choosing the right path, I have one that I think you will like. It involves some brainstorming and research, but it could be very effective. You can talk to a counselor at school to get some ideas, or you can take control of your life and figure it out on your own. Here’s how to figure out what career you really want and should work for the next few decades.

Getting Ideas

First off, we all certain things we love to do and that interest us. For some, becoming an actor or athlete just isn’t in the cards, but it could be of great interest. Still, in this exercise, you must first start out by writing down all of the pie-in-the-sky dreams you have. Get them jotted down and don’t stop until you have at least ten written down.

Spin Off Jobs – Expanding Your List

If you try to figure out and determine what career path you want and is right for you, you will need to narrow your topics a little. If you listed professional baseball player, for example, you may never achieve that goal. This doesn’t mean you couldn’t still be involved in professional baseball.

Sticking with the baseball topic, you could become an announcer, taking broadcast journalism courses in school. You could put your marketing skills to work as a marketing counselor for the players or teams out there, or put your love of baseball gloves into a manufacturing company.

Go down each job you listed initially and come up with spinoff jobs. It will take a while to get this done, but it will help you determine and figure out what career you really want.

Narrowing Your New List

Now, you will need look at all of the potential areas you have listed. Start reducing the list and focus on the top ten or so that you have listed. This gives you a manageable number.

Researching Positions

We are all in different situations. Some of us have children, some of us can only afford or desire a two year degree, and others will have every opportunity to do whatever they want. For this reason, you must take your personal situation into account when you look at how to figure out what career you want. Determine what level of sacrifice you are willing to make. Can you go fulltime? Can you go for a Master’s Degree?

Do some research for each position and find out what types of training and education are involved. You will find that you can pare several off the list right off the top. Take a look at what level of education is required, starting wages, if relocation is necessary, and just about anything else you can think of. If the school you need to attend is too expensive, check out places to get free money to go back to school.

Once your list is narrowed, dig deeper into each job. Study what each position is really about. Try to determine what the best path is. You may have started out wanting to be an actor, but narrow the options to camera work or prop work or marketing.

Now, you can choose from just a handful of potential jobs and make an informed, realistic decision. This is how to figure out what career what career you want.

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