How Do I Find Out If A Business Is Legitimate? – Permits and licenses

How do I find out if a business is legitimate?

How do I find out if a business is legitimate? This is one question most people keep asking themselves from time to time. It is always worth your time to verify whether the businesses you are dealing with or those which you want to deal with are legitimate or not. Whether you want to partner with them or you want to be an employee, it is a good thing to know what business you are getting into. This is because supposing that the business is not legitimate, you will also by association be doing something that is not legal. And as it is often said, ignorance is no defense before the law.

So what answer do you give to someone asking: “How do I find out if a business is legitimate?” There are many things that one should look out for to tell whether a business is legitimate or not.

Ask for their registration certificate

All legitimate businesses need to be registered. A registration certificate is one of the first things you need to look at to verify whether a business is legitimate or not. Legit businesses always display their registration certificates prominently on their walls so that interested people – investors, clients and government officials – can see it without any difficulty.

Permits and licenses

Go through the permits and licenses is a perfect answer for someone asking, “How do I find out if a business is legitimate?” While having a registration certificate for the business is a good pointer that may help you tell the legitimacy of a company or business, one also needs to confirm that the business they want to deal with also has the right permits and licenses.

Permits and licenses are always issued in addition to the registration certificate. This is because the line of business one is in may require that a business be issued with a given permit or license for it to commence operations. Therefore, if a business that is required to have a permit or additional license does not have one, chances are it is not legal required to perform the functions it sells as its services or products.

Always go with your guts instinct

There is always that small voice in us which tells us to be more critical of things and people at times. If you get that voice when you want to have any relationship with any business, you should follow the voice and take a step back. Do not swallow what the people behind the business to hoodwink you into making any commitment. Always listen to the small voice, watch out for any red flags and follow your gut.

It does not matter what documents they have or how many testimonials they show you. What proof do you have that confirms that both the documents and testimonials are legitimate?

Now you know what to do should you find yourself asking, “How do I find out if a business is legitimate?”