How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Certain House Free?

How can I find out who owns a certain house free of charge? Determining who owns the property is not that hard to find out right from your own home on your computer. In this article I will show you how to determine property ownership without spending any money to do it. While there are many sites that will provide this information to you for a charge, it may be just as convenient to do out on your own without paying a penny for the information. It is actually a very simple process. Here is how works.

Online tax rolls

Most counties and cities now provide tax information online. This is because things like taxes are considered public record and therefore the information is provided to the public free of charge. This is a great way to find out who owns a certain house. To find out if the city or county where you live provides this type of information, simply visit their county websites and check them out for yourself. You will find that most of them posting information provide the owner’s name, property address, and tax amount due for the year. You can typically search their data base by name, street name, or address number. So, if you know the address of the home you can search their database and find out who owns a certain house for free. If the county or city where you live does not provide this information online, you still have plenty of other options that you can consider.

Reverse address searches

You can find some sites that offer this type of service for free. To find out who owns a specific house while using one of these sites, you need to make certain you aren’t asked for any type of payment info. Since many of them will promise you the info at no charge, only to ask you for $3.99 to continue, it pays to make sure the site is legit. Don’t ever offer to pay for information that you can find in minutes on your own, at no expense.

Searching Public Records

This one isn’t always the best option, since people do move and home ownership does change, but it can be effective. Many states and even some larger counties post court info online. On many of these sites, you can search by address, since court records show the address of all involved in most court cases. This is an effective way to find out who owns a certain house free.