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How Do I Get a Car Donated to Me?

How do i get a car donated to me? If you’re on a really low income then there is a good chance that you might get a car donated to you. When many people decide to replace their car they give their old one away to charities and non profit organizations so that they can get a tax deduction, these cars are then services and given a new lease of life and passed on to low income individuals, low income families, single mothers, and disabled people.

Help with Getting a Car with Low Income

Car Programs for Low Income Families

There are plenty of charities and donate your old car sites which are used donate to needy families, if you can put your name down on the waiting list there is a chance that you’ll eventually get a free car. The first step that you need to take is organizing yourself, get all your bank statements, pay stubs and any letter from the government offering your public assistance. You also need to think about how the car would make your life easier, if you have a difficult commute and are spending less time with your family then this could be a valid reason to be placed on list.

Organizations that Donate Cars

Help Getting Car with a Low Income

When people decide to donate their old car they usually give it away to charities, your next task is to make a list of all the charities, churches and community support groups in your local area and contact them one by one inquiring about donated cars, some charities wont have a clue and others might point you in the right direction, some charities might even have a waiting list where you can submit your request. If you’ve got all your paperwork sorted out you could send them all the information that they need quickly.

Free Help for Low Income Families

Help Getting a Car Low Income

Another option is contacting Working Cars for Working Families, this non profit organization works by accepting donated cars and then servicing them and making sure the steering, gears, engine, and electrics are all safe. The car is then given away to a high priority low income individual. Again you could contact Working Cars for Working Families and place your name on the waiting list, you could also offer all your paperwork to show that you are really serious about your request.

Transportation for Low Income Families

Free Cars for Low Income Families

Another option is 1-800-CHARITY-CARS; this a non profit charitable organization which specializes in accepting old donated cars, servicing them and then giving them away to low income families. you can call this charity and inquire about any vehicles that have been donated and pass on your paperwork and request. All these organizations take up to eight weeks to process a request and check out all the paperwork, you have to to patient and persevere. From time to time you could call these organizations up to see how your request is progressing.

While You Wait for Your Free Car

Donate Your Old Car and Then Donate to Needy Families

In the meantime while you’re waiting for your car there are a number of ways you could make your life easier; you could research into all the public transport routes available and find the ones which are the most convenient and cheapest. You could car share or rent a car for a day to do all your shopping, you could even buy a bicycle to commute, not only would this save you money but it would also improve your health.

How Do I Get a Car Donated To Me?

If you’re on a really low income or you’re in a priority group such as single parents then there is a good chance that you’ll get a car donated to you; you have to put your name down on as many lists as possible and explain exactly how the car would improve the quality of your life.

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