How do I Get a Close, Smooth Shave, Two Secrets

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How do I get a close, smooth, shave is the question many young men ask when they come to the point where they shave daily. Some old-timers that have problems shaving also want an answer to that question. There are just two secrets to getting the close smooth shave that everyone wants. But first, I’ll give you another tip for free. You can also get a close smooth shave without spending an arm and a leg by joining and getting 4 quality razors for $3, $6, or $9 /mo. Getting a close smooth shave isn’t that difficult but getting a close, smooth, comfortable shave is a different story. Any decent razor will do a good job of shaving your face but the real test of a razor is, will it give you a comfortable shave?

Three Important Factors

There are several factors to be considered when it comes to shaving your face. The contours of your face, the sensitivity of your skin, the type and quality of razor that you use, and the type of shaving cream or gel that you use are just a few of the factors that you have to consider to get a close, smooth, comfortable shave. These are well known but important factors that need to be considered to answer the question, how do I get a close, smooth shave?

Cut Hairs Flush With Your Face

The contours of a man’s face play a big part in whether a man gets a good shave or not. It’s important for a razor’s blades to lie flat against the surface that it’s shaving to be able to cut facial hair flush with the skin. For example, if a man has smile lines (lines from the corners of the mouth down the chin), they create an uneven surface that’s harder to shave smoothly. Razor bumps are another example of uneven facial contours. Unfortunately, shaving can cause razor bumps when you don’t shave properly. These razor bumps, in turn, make it harder for a razor to make good contact with the face. However, these situations can be overcome using the two secrets to getting a close, smooth shave.

Tip: whether you’re a Gillette Pro Fusion Manual Cartridge Guy or a Gillete Fusion Proglide Power Cartridge man, if you use a clean,sharp, razor cartridge and follow the suggetions in this article, you should get a close smooth shave without any razor irritation.

Do You Have Sensitive Skin

Some individuals also have to deal with sensitive skin when shaving. Shaving can remove a layer or layers of skin and this only agitates sensitive skin more. Some razors come with as many as five blades. While these blades do a god job of cutting more facial hair, they can also cut more of the top layers of skin from your face. Shaving sensitive skin with blades like that leaves you with options like a close shave with irritation or trying alternatives like shaving powder or an electric razor. But shaving powders and electric razors can also irritate sensitive skin. But even if you have sensitive skin, you can get a close, smooth shave if you follow the two secrets to getting a great shave.

Shaving Cream or Gel

Whether to use a shaving cream or gel is another factor that can lead to getting a close, smooth shave. Shaving creams and gels hydrate and lubricate facial hair and skin making it easier for a razor to shave the hair. Remember that word lubricate because lubrication is very important. Shaving cream has its advantages but so do shaving gels. The question is, which type works best for you? There are some shaving creams and gels that claim to be made for sensitive skin. A shaving cream or gel made for sensitive skin may work well for you but I know from experience that there are two more steps that make a big difference when it comes to getting a close, smooth, comfortable shave.

Help for Sensitive Skin

So, how do I get a close smooth shave? Earlier in this article I told you to remember the word lubrication because of how important lubrication is to getting a close, smooth comfortable shave. Shaving creams and gels are good shaving lubricants but they can leave your face dry and tight after you shave. By applying a pre-lubricant, you can solve the problem of dry, tight skin that you get after you shave. This is the first secret to getting a close smooth shave. If you apply baby oil to your face as a pre-lubricant before you apply shaving cream or gel, it acts as a skin conditioner that soothes and moisturizes your face. This is contrary to what we where taught about using after shave lotion but most after-shave lotions don’t continually soothe or moisturize like baby oil does.

Shave in Four Different Directions

The second secret to get a close, smooth shave is shaving in four different directions. What I mean by shaving in four different directions is shaving four times, once in each direction. You do this by applying the baby oil and shaving cream and then shave down your face, then up your face, then from one side of your face to the other side and then repeat the side to side in the opposite direction. You only apply the baby oil and shaving cream one time. The purpose of this is to cut the hair flush with your face. Cutting facial hair in one direction can leave it cut at an angle that could cause it to grow under the skin causing razor bumps.

Baby Oil and Four Different Directions

To answer the question, How do I get a close, smooth shave? Use the two secrets of baby oil as a pre-lubricant and shaving in four different directions and you should be well on your way to a shave that you’ll be more than happy with.

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