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How do I Get a Copy of My Criminal Record for Free?

How do I Get a Copy of My Criminal Record for Free?

If you’re searching for answers regarding your question, how do I get a copy of my criminal record for free, this article may help you. As you know, there are numerous reasons why one must obtain a copy of their criminal records. It may either be for a job, a licensure exam or just to ensure that the police department has reliable records especially if you’ve not committed any crimes. There are instances that errors are made typically during inputs of names. Thus, the best way for you to update yourself is to acquire this type of documentation annually. There are numerous ways for you to obtain a copy of your criminal record. However, as of today, all these methods would require minimal fees. Hence, you might as well learn about other methods to broaden your options in cases that online criminal record search is not applicable in your vicinity.

How to get a copy of your criminal records within your state?

The Department of Justice or State Police Organization is the government sectors that compiles or archives criminal records. What if you committed a crime at a different state from where you live? The best place for you to inquire first is the sectors mentioned above. Since every state has their own government agencies, finding these two sectors is not that tedious.

To seek a copy of your criminal record, all you need to do is to ask for an application form for criminal record. Aside from that, you should ask about fees and their mailing address. Once you’ve received the application form, just mail the application form back along with the necessary fee if included. Typically, your personal information would be required. Some states may request a copy of your driver’s license and finger prints.

How to get a copy of your criminal record for free?

To answer your question, how do I get a copy of my criminal record for free; some may say that you can do it via criminal search websites. However, this statement is not reliable. Criminal records are personal files that are considered private. The only way for you to obtain a copy of your criminal record is through mentioned government agencies. FBI can also release these documents provided that you are in their system. Basically, the same process as the state’s criminal record application is applied. For more information, you can check their official website. A standard fee of $18 is charged if you want to obtain your criminal history record.


As mentioned above, criminal records are considered as personal documents. Some websites may entice you of this type of service. But, as far as reliability is concerned, the best website you can use is govcriminalsrecords.com however registration is required. As a final thought, keep in mind that these documents contain even minor violations. Not because you or someone you know has criminal records, it doesn’t mean that he or she is already a danger to society. With that, your question, how do I get a copy of my criminal record for free is answered accordingly.

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