How Do I Make Folders On My iPhone

What Are The Steps You Need To Follow To Make Folders

How do I make folders on my iPhone? You have a device in your pocket that has more storage than the Apple 2 did in 1983. It is more useful because of its applications and functions than that preceding device had, but your question of “how do I make folders on my iPhone” keeps popping into your mind. Right here, right now you are going to learn what it takes to make a folder so you can store things appropriately for quick reference and finding what you need.

How Do I Make Folders On My iPhone?

With the introduction of the iOS 4 by Apple, you can now consolidate your apps into folders. These folders will let you to shrink the excess clutter on your iPhone’s screen. How do I make folders on my iPhone? Just follow these eight steps:

1. To create a folder, you need to choose at least two applications that you think are similar or that you use often together. This can be internet apps like Facebook and Instagram, or Twitter and Instagram. Or it can be something like Google maps and Menulink. Whatever you need, to begin with, at least these two apps that you believe have similar designs or uses.
2. Identify the two applications.
3. Key the icons and hold the applications until all icons on the screen start shaking. This is the same process you would use to re-arrange the icons for the applications on your screen.
4. Now pull one of the applications onto the other. This simple move will create the folder. Now that you have created the folder, you can look at the bottom of your screen folder and you’ll need to name it. To place more apps in the folder, just drag them into the folder.
5. Now you can change the name on the folder now or anytime by clicking on the name and then typing in the name with the onscreen keyboard.
6. After you’ve decided on all the apps you would like to have together place them in the folder and created a name, tap the home button that is setting front and center of your iPhone screen and all of the folders you have just created will be saved so basically you are doing nothing really different that rearranging the icons on your screen.
7. Anytime you decide to edit any of your existing folders, just click on the folder and keep your finger or stylus on the folder until it begins to shake, just as you would when creating one. Click the icon a second time and the entire listing of the folders contents will appear on the bottom of your screen. You can then pull a specific icon into or out of the folder to rearrange the contents. You can also change the name of your folder by clicking on the text. Again – just tap on the home button when you’re done.
8. If you decide you need to delete a folder, you just need to open it up and pull all the icons representing the apps out of it. This will automatically delete the folder.

If you follow these eight steps you can easily answer your question of how do I make folders on my iPhone,” it is really very simple.