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How Do I Secure Online Transactions?

Online shopping has come out as a very convenient and powerful method. With its outstanding features like free shipping, time flexibility, geographical flexibility, unbelievable discounts, product variety has won the hearts of the people worldwide.

As every coin has two sides a good and bad, similarly online shopping also has some flaws. Many a times you may become a victim of fraud or phishing site if you are not enough aware of them.

Disadvantages of the online shopping in the context of security:

• If a website is compromised and you are unaware of it, then you may lose your confidential data and money.
• Many of the websites sometimes contain viruses intentionally or unintentionally. Just by clicking, you will invite several viruses for accommodation in your device.
• Unsecured websites invite hackers unknowingly and hence loses customers and their trust.
• Unsecured login page of the websites results in stealing of the customer’s personal data such as mobile number, bank account number, credit card details, etc. Sometimes an unsecured page is hacked and is redirected to any other website, which looks same as the original one in look and feel (phishing).
• Some fraud websites intentionally ask for confidential data like bank account number, private contact number, Social Security Number even if it is not necessary that could result in misuse of data.
• Web sites, which do not use secure transaction methods, are more prone to be claimed as fraud.
• The browser does not identify web sites without SSL certificate and customers do not know the website owner in person.

Online Security Checklist
There are many vulnerabilities prevailing out for an unsecure website. So now, what you can do to protect your online transactions or other personal information? There are a few points to be taken into consideration regarding the security of online transactions and they are:
• Check the website is secured with SSL certificates that contain HTTPS.
• Green Address Bar – If the website uses EV SSL certificate, browser turn into a green address bar. (If the web site has not EV SSL certificate, then browser does not display green bar.)
• Lock Padlock indicates that the website is secured and certificate is installed correctly.
• A site seal issued by a trusted Certificate Authorities helps to maximize trust in your website.

EV SSL certificates are providing the highest security and trust.
Extended Validation is widely recognized as an EV SSL certificate provides the highest level of encryption and is highly trusted SSL certificate in the IT industry. For gaining EV SSL, one has to go through a tough validation process carried out by a Certificate Authority (CA).
Installation of EV SSL certificate enhances the confidence of customers and the site will have a green address bar with HTTPS URL. Visitors can view the details of the certificate that ensure them to trust the credibility of your website.

Who all need to purchase an EV SSL?
EV SSL certificates are good for those websites who deal with huge traffic on a daily basis. Websites falling in the category of online shopping, online banking, online trading, retailing need to be secured with Extended Validation.

Why choose Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL?
• Symantec Secure Site EV provides Vulnerability assessment and daily website malware scanning that helps to avoid the risks of malicious activity and cyber crime.
• It protects your customer’s account from phishing. By installing EV SSL on the site, you can secure the personal details of the customers and user can easily identify that the website is authenticated and secured.
• It can secure the transactions carried out at your site, preventing your customers from being a victim of online fraud.
• It establishes a secure encrypted connection between the server and the client.
• It is very well recognized by all browsers including, Google Chrome, IE, Netscape and Safari.
Security lapse is a major issue for both the sellers (website owners) and buyers (online shoppers) and it should be taken due care of as any loophole in the security may result in a huge loss.
You must follow the best security practices and run your entire website at https:// for login or registration form or other page where you collect private information, as a result, it will increase user’s trust when they land on any web page. After implementing SSL certificate on your site, you should redirect web pages from http to https.

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