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How do Tech Support Scams Work

Technical support scams are a common story these days. Cyber criminals generally call up innocent users and follow high-pressure tactics to extract money out of these victims. Keep reading to know all about this threat and some ways to fight the same.

There has been a huge twist in the IT industry over the past few years. According to industry insiders, now a days scam artists make use of telephone to into your system. Most cyber criminals call claiming to be online computer repair professionals from renowned tech support firms such as Microsoft. They say that they’ve detected viruses or other malware on your computer to trick you into giving them remote access or paying for software you don’t need.

These scam artists take advantage of some of the most reasonable concerns of a user which mainly revolve around viruses, bogged down systems or any other such threats. Basically they are aware of the fact that installation of a reliable security software or a genuine firewall is highly essential for any computer. Accordingly they cook up technical flaw concerning stories and elaborate their schemes to make easy money.

Security software plans are being peddled by scammers for years at a stretch. They generally offer fake free “security” scans, and by sending out alarming messages and they also convince you that the computer is highly infected. Sometimes, they also try to sell bogus software in order which promises to fix the issue. Such a software is generally worthless or in the worst possible scenario, it could be a malware. These malicious codes are programmed to allow unauthorized access into your computer.

How does it begin?

First of all, a cyber criminal calls you up. He might ask for your name and basic personal information from multiple public directories. Sometimes, they are smart enough to guess the type of computer software in your system. They are really smart con artists who instantly gain your trust by posing as an associate of a well-known company. They might try to overwhelm you with a barrage of unknown technical jargon. Following this, they will instruct you to perform a series of complex tasks upon your system.

They aim is to corrupt legitimate computer files which finally show up as viruses on your screen. You immediately get scared and believe in this person who claims to help you fix the issue. On gaining trust, you allow them to remotely access the system as well as make required changes within settings. This might make your PC vulnerable. They do the following to accomplish their goal:

•They enroll you into worthless computer maintenance programs
•They ask for credit card information and bill you
•You can actually get these services for free elsewhere
•They trick you into installing malware which can steal sensitive data such as user names and passwords
•They direct you to websites as well as ask you to enter personal data

Their ultimate goal is to make money by duping you.

How to fight this crime

In case someone calls you claiming to be a technical support person from a renowned company, immediately hang up. In case he or she causes a sense of urgency with high-pressure tactics is generally a scam artist. Genuine technicians will never call you. They will have a legitimate website flashing a toll free number where you can call during day or night.

Therefore to fight technical support scams, kindly keep the following tips in mind:

•Never give control of computer to third parties
•Never rely on caller ID for caller authentication
•Do some ground work beyond online search results
•Genuine online PC repair and tech support websites have user reviews and associated information
•Never give away credit card details and financial information to a caller

Therefore, follow the above steps and protect yourself and your family from becoming victims of cyber crime.

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