How Do You Choose and Buy Wholesale Charms For Jewelry Making

Wholesale charms for jewelry making are a type of findings that are normally attached to bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for additional flair. These can be bought individually or in packs of a certain quantity at wholesale prices. Craft and hobby stores and online bead shops such as pandahall carry these items. Charms have long been used by crafters in designing and making jewelry pieces. They help personalize the piece that you wear, because these charms can symbolize things that define your personality.

I am grateful for the versatility and easy availability of beads, jewelry wires, and wholesale charms for jewelry making from jewelry supplies stores like pandahall. I am able to make my own jewelry at home. I have been doing bead work for quite a time now and so far have not had problems with my supplies. Initially, I found it difficult to pick the right charms for each of my projects. There is a great variety of charms in the market and choosing the right can be a task. However, like everybody else who do beading and purchase supplies for each project, I have learned how to select and buy the right charm.

Wholesale charms for jewelry making are very versatile items. They can be crafted into personalized gifts to women, young and old, and for any occasion. You can give not only charm bracelet, you know. Charms that you can buy from pandahall and other online stores can be any dangling accompaniment to any piece of jewelry. Most charms are shaped into figures of everyday objects, novelty items and holiday items. When you shop at online retailers or wholesalers, you will likely find great deals and some discounts. Personalized charms can have some engraved texts on them, a name, message or date. Be careful on the correctness of the text, because many sellers do not accept exchanges or returns. Be clear also with the font and the font size that should be used. The store may not have the font that you want.

There are other applications of wholesale charms for jewelry making from pandahall. You can use them to serve as a single accent on a chain, instead of pendants. You can mix them with other charms to create a holiday- or theme-oriented chain necklaces or bracelets. I use charms also on my earrings creations. I hang them on earring posts or hoops.

When you visit the website of pandahall to buy wholesale charms for jewelry making, remember that it is a matter of personal preference to choose what charms to buy. You may choose charms according to materials from which they are made, theme, or shape and size. If you choose by theme, your customers should inform you about their hobbies, professions, and interests, so you can buy accordingly. I always need some seasonal or holiday-themed charms all year round, so I keep on checking with my online retailers for their availability, because holiday charms are only released by some manufacturers a few weeks before a given holiday.

Another factor to consider when buying wholesale charms for jewelry making is the material used in producing charms. When your design uses charms with beads, the materials of the two should be the same. Sometimes, I use charms with crystals upon my customers’ requests. If Swarovski crystal is specifically required on a piece, the price of that piece, as a general rule, will be higher that the jewelry with other regular crystals. You can also find different crystals at online shops, including pandahall. Some other materials used in creating charms are gold, sterling silver, enamel, ceramic, wood, brass, pewter, Tibetan silver, stones, plastics and many more.

If you choose to buy wholesale charms for jewelry making from online shops such as pandahall, make sure that you evaluate pricing very carefully. Charms that cost higher when bought from craft stores, such as gold or silver plated charms, are of course significantly cheaper when bought online. The charm materials and the quality of the charms are primary factors in determining the prices. If you are interested in vintage and antique charms, and they are fairly in good condition, you can expect to pay top dollar for them. To save some money, you can have the charms from vintage jewelry pieces repurposed. Try visiting antique shops, flea markets and thrift stores. Your finished jewelry will have a vintage feel and you can also command good prices for them.

My jewelry making supplies always include a decent selection of charms ready to use, to allow me to create my pieces hassle-free.