How Do You Find a Good Psychologist?

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Deciding to turn to a psychologist for support, advice or help is often a difficult decision.

Finding the right psychologist can make things even harder.

This is especially so when choosing the wrong psychologist can lead to a bad experience that discourages many people from ever seeing a psychologist again.

How Do You Find a Good Psychologist?, SeekytThere are a few things that can help you find the best psychologist for your needs. Firstly, do your research. This is probably the most important advice when looking for a psychologist. Find out what areas a potential psychologist specializes in and work out if these will be a match for you. Remember a psychologist that specializes in anxiety may not be the best choice if you are needing grief support, for example. You can usually find this information online. On a ‘Find a Psychologist’ database or on a psychology clinic’s website (they often give background information for each psychologist on staff). Also have a look at the training and the ‘school’ of psychology a psychologist use (yes there are different styles of psychology.) You may see terms like psychodynamic, humanistic or CBT. This can make things feel confusing but you can get a feel for these different styles of psychology by spending a little time on Google. So research, research and research.

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Psychologists are just people. Some people you will click with. Others you may not. If you really feel like you will not get along with a psychologist you always have the option of trying someone else. Just make sure you are changing because of a clash of personality styles and you are not just avoiding the psychology sessions – because they can be hard work. The option of changing psychologists needs to be balanced with making progress in therapy. Also remember that it takes time to feel comfortable with a person. It takes time to trust a friend enough to discuss personal topics. The same is usually true with a psychologist. It takes time to create a professional relationship where talking feels natural. It’s not an instant process.

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How Do You Find a Good Psychologist?, Seekyt
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