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How Do You Know If Your Husband Loves You?

Your husband may not say much when he gets home from work but this isn’t the time to wonder “how do you know if your husband loves you?” He could still be crazy about you even though the two of you have settled down into a busy family life. He is working harder now that you are having your second child and you feel as if all his attention is on work.

In another situation, your husband may be going out with the guys a lot. He barely acknowledges you at home and because of this, you feel lost. You shouldn’t be worried though because maybe he just wants to go out and have some fun now that he is getting older. Some men go through a mid-age crisis where they want to get the most from before they are older.

Has your husband stopped giving you compliments lately? This is a good sign that he is stressed out because of something. His mind is elsewhere. Try to sit down and have a talk to him to see what is going through his mind. This happens from time to time so there is no need to worry about it.

How do I know if my husband loves me?

  • Let’s look at a few obvious signs that your husband still loves you. Here are a few below:
  • Whenever you leave for awhile to visit parents, he asks if you can come home early. This is a sign he misses you dearly!
  • He will leave you poems on occasion or do something sweet for you like leaving flowers beside your bed.
  • Your husband will ask how your day was when you get home from work -or at least try to conversate with you.
  • Whenever you are busy doing something, you catch your husband staring at you. This is a sign he is crazy for you.
  • He will sometimes go out of his way to do things for you. For example, if you have had a bad day – he will buy you your favorite gourmet chocolates at the store.
  • Your husband takes you out every few weeks to go eat, spend time in the park, or just doing something fun in general.
  • From time to time, he will say “I love you out of nowhere” which sometimes surprises you, considering he doesn’t say much all day.

Signs your husband loves you

Are you looking for any type of clues or sign that he loves you? Maybe you don’t believe your husband is interested anymore and because of this, you feel as if you need to mend the relationship. Before you jump to a conclusion that your husband doesn’t love you, just think of it this way. He may have forgotten what’s it like to be in love and now looks to his family as a priority and this is why he works so much. He’s trying to give you and the kids everything they possibly need. If you are in a different situation, here are some signs your husband still loves you.

  • He will show up at your work for no reason. Every time he does, he usually gives you an excuse that he needs to borrow the car or has a question for you. He lingers during this time.
  • During the evening, your husband will scoot closer to you rather than far away. Even though he keeps his distance throughout the day, he knows that this is the appropriate time.
  • On some days, he will play with you. Tickling, kissing, foreplay, or pillow fights count! What couple doesn’t like having fun?
  • When you tell him you are going out, he seems distressed. Actually, sometimes he asks you if you can stay with him.
  • You catch him talking to other people about you – mostly positive things.
  • Whenever you go out with him, he holds your hand. He may not do this all the time, but it doesn’t mean he does not love you.
  • On some days, he will tell you that you look beautiful.

Looking through the list to find out if your husband still loves you

All of these are signs that he still loves you. Even if he doesn’t do all of this, you shouldn’t worry because chances are, he still thinks a lot about you, especially during work or when he is away from home. There are a few men who will only do 1-2 things on this list and this doesn’t mean they don’t love their wives. It depends on the man, his personality, emotions, and current home life situation.


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