How Does Skateboarding Improve Perseverance?

How Does Skateboarding Improve Perseverance?

One common query is how does skateboarding improve perseverance? If you’re an avid skateboarder you may find this question self-explanatory. What about those who are new to this sport? Does an extraneous sport such as skateboarding improve one’s perseverance? That is the main concept of this article, to give you a better view on one important benefit you’ll gain through learning and enjoying skateboarding as a sport.


In order to answer the question how does skateboarding improve perseverance, one must first understand the meaning and concept of the term perseverance. Furthermore, how can you relate it as a human character? Answering this question would give you a better view about the benefits of skateboarding not only as an enjoyable sport but as a character builder as well.

Perseverance is simply defined as an act of determination to achieve a certain goal. This may either involve sacrificing some pleasurable moments, working hard and enduring pain in order to accomplish you goals. Commitment and patience is also correlated to perseverance. When someone is determined to accomplish something, patience is always a link to it. As you know, there is no easy way to success. Taking time to train, learn and correct your mistakes is imperative. And thus, your devotion to what you’re doing is the key to strengthen your patience and determination.

Skateboarding and perseverance

Going on to the main topic of this article, skateboarding does improve one’s perseverance. To explain further, skateboarding is not a simple sport. Aside from that, it is an individual sport. Hence, you cannot rely on your teammates to win. You can only rely on yourself. Although developing some tricks and stunts would require some expert’s help; learning, practicing and training yourself to do these moves is still your responsibility. And, perseverance is the key to accomplishing all these.

Perseverance is not innate. Throughout the years, people learn and develop it. One way to develop this behavior is through skateboarding. How? As mentioned earlier, skateboarding is an individual sport. The first time you’ll ride it is not as easy as you think. You have to practice and try it every day. Thus, perseverance comes into play. Without determination, commitment and patience, you won’t be able to develop and enhance your skateboarding skills and compete in competitions. In addition to that, you have to endure the pain and keep on trying. Because, you may fall dozens of time before you can master one stunt.

As you master the sport, you’ll also master perseverance. This is unnoticeable because you are enjoying the sport. However, if you consider various scenarios, you’ll never get where you are without perseverance. And, you will also learn to apply this in different life situations. The key to this is thinking that if you have accomplished learning and mastering the craft of skateboarding, you will also accomplish your other goals.


Skateboarding as dangerous as it seems provides numerous benefits such as enhancing your self-confidence, concentration and body coordination aside from improving your perseverance. But be reminded that this sport is extreme. Although this sport is very beneficial, you have to consider your safety and physical capabilities before engaging in such sport. With all that, the query how does skateboarding improve perseverance is answered accordingly.