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How Frequently You Should Change The Air Conditioner Filter

With rising temperature and humidity levels, the need for air-conditioners cannot be overlooked. It is not a luxury any more, but a necessity. The most dominant part of this cooling device which affects the efficiency greatly is the ‘filter’. It is quite important to frequently clean, or look after the filter, repair or clean it, whenever the usage bar goes up.

It is mostly considered viable to clean the filter of the air conditioner at home, without acquiring any professional assistance. Though not a bad option, but it is definitely recommended to get a proper servicing done, at the start and the end of the peak season.

The frequency, at which you should be cleaning the filter, by properly taking it out of the installation duct, depends on how much you use it, the spot where you have installed it, besides other factors. It is usually advised to clean the filters once a month, even if going by the minimum levels.

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There are many different types of filters available these days. The traditional ones however still tops the list as the best-sellers. Besides them, there are Plasma filters, which require absolutely zero maintenance for years, once they are installed.The next category is of washable filters, as the name suggests, are low-maintenance.

While considering options, one must keep in mind the ‘MERV’ constraints. MERV, is the minimum efficiency representing value. It usually lies between three to twelve. A descent MERV is usually considered between an eight to an eleven, which is considered most appropriate for home installations. Higher MERV signifies better performance. Another aspect which needs to be taken into account is the suggested area. If the air-conditioner is catering to a large area, the overall impact would deteriorate the efficiency. Hence more effort would be needed for the maintenance.

For cleaning the filter, one can use a generic cleaning agent or the ones which are specifically available for this purpose. To clean a filter, and prevent it from dust, greece and other such damaging agents, always take the shields out of the panel, and then clean them. You can use running water as-well to rip off the dust from the pane. While cleaning it, make sure not to damage the coils beneath. The coolant which is used in the machine, is also affected by the dust particles, hence it greatly calls for proper maintenance and care.

One you have got the filter serviced, and installed them back, always give the machine some rest before you turn-on the electricity giant again. Poor performance of the filters will also consume more electricity and lead to lengthier electricity bills. If it is not maintained well, most of the filters throw-out a foul odor, which again makes the area very unsuitable in terms of hygiene and health constraints.

These service requirements are not extra-ordinary, but to make sure you don’t mess-up the job further-more, it is better to get in touch with a certified AC technician, who can take care of all the troubles and the queries for you, and let’s you have your zen! To find a certified AC technician, all you have to do is get your CallFixie app, and we will do the rest for you!

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