How Good Are Refurbished MacBook Air 13 Inch Computers? – Don't Pay Full Price Before Checking This Out!

Of course you are thinking about the purchase of an Apple MacBook Air, but have you considered looking at refurbished MacBook Air 13 inch computers? Sure I know you want to have Apple’s great music and graphics applications, to have a reliable laptop that you don’t have to worry about whether it is going to work or not, and have a modern computer that will do everything you need it to do the first time around. That’s exactly what you should be looking at refurbished MacBook Air 13 inch computers – because a refurbished Apple works just as well as a brand new one, but you can save hundreds on the purchase.

What Does It Mean if the MacBook Air is Refurbished?

That’s a really good question. When you are looking at refurbished MacBook Air 13 inch computers, you are looking at a computer that either was unsellable from a retail standpoint because it had cosmetic flaws or noticeable issues that needed repair, or you are looking at a computer that a customer received as a brand new computer, found that it needed repairs, and so they sent it back to Apple. Apple generally just sends out a new laptop to satisfy their customers and then repairs the errors in the other one, then resells it as a refurbished system. That’s all refurbishing means – that it has been repaired.

Are You Telling Me a Repaired System Is Just As Good?

You bet I am! And I wouldn’t be telling you this is Apple didn’t believe that they were either. You see, when you purchased refurbished MacBook Air 13 inch computers, you get the same 1 year limited warranty that Apple puts on all it’s brand new computers, and you also are given the option of purchasing AppleCare Protection on your refurbished system as well. It basically boils down to this – when looking at purchasing a new computer, do you want to pay full price on your new laptop or do you want to save 15%, 30%, or even more on the exact same system, with the exact same warranties?

Is That Why It Is Cheaper – Because It Is Repaired?

That’s exactly right. Apple cannot sell their computers as brand new once they have been opened and discovered to be in a non-functional or non-sellable condition. However, Apple does have the ability to repair those systems and get them back to a sellable condition. When they do that, they can sell it as a refurbished system, but not a brand new system. That’s why shopping for refurbished MacBook Air 13 inch computers can be so fun – you get the exact same system, but you end up saving hundreds by being willing to accept a repaired system that’s been thoroughly tested.

So if you are thinking about purchasing a brand new laptop here in the coming days, I hope you will consider taking a few moments and examining just how much money you could end up saving buy purchasing refurbished MacBook Air 13 inch computers when compared to their brand new counterparts.