How Good Are Refurbished Xbox 360s? – Could You Save Big On the Same System?

Are you thinking about saving some money on an older Xbox 360 an find yourself curious as to how good are refurbished Xbox 360s and if you should purchase one? Maybe you are thinking about buying a newer model that claims to be refurbished and you are wondering just how good the repair might be because you don’t want to have to send it in again to be repaired or have to try to repair it yourself. Whatever your reasons for considering a purchase, when you think about buying a refurbished Xbox 360, you are thinking about making a smart decision with your money because you’ll be saving money. But just how good are refurbished systems?

Don’t Buy the Older Models

When it comes to how good are refurbished Xbox 360s, I’ll give you the easy answer on virtually all of the older models of the system – don’t buy it. It’s not worth the risk. Why? Because in the first run of the Xbox 360s, there were design flaws associated with the materials that they used. You see, Microsoft decided to use lead free solder instead of leaded solder, but they designed their boards as if they were leaded. With the Xbox 360’s tendency to over heat, all that heating and cooling put a lot of stress on the board and the joints in the system, and many customers found that their Xbox’s would break because the soldered joints would break. So unless the older system has completely replaced all the soldered joints, you don’t want this system because it could very well break again.

Make Sure It Is Factory Refurbished

How good are refurbished Xbox 360s? Well there are a lot of self-proclaimed geniuses out there who like to make the claim that they know what they are doing when it comes to repairing these units. They’ll sound as if they know what they are talking about what they are doing, but what they are really doing is blowing smoke. The only refurbished systems I would buy would come directly from Microsoft, because not only do they test the system before selling it again, but they also generally offer a 1 year warranty. The only exception I would make to this rule is if I knew someone who was Microsoft Certified.

Is It Worth the Money I Might Save?

Of course it is! In fact, this is why so many people consider the purchase of a refurbished system if they are looking to bring in an Xbox 360 to their home. When you can save that much money on a system, it is worth the risk that you might have to send it in again for another repair. And with a factory system, you get a warranty that makes this repair virtually cost free. So how good are refurbished Xbox 360s? They are just as good as their brand new counterparts – if they are repaired correctly.

So if you are considering just how good are refurbish Xbox 360s because you want to save some money too and get a great system for your home, then check out a factory system, avoid the older models, and you could end up saving a ton on your new system in your home.