How Good Are Refurbished Zero Turn Mowers? – Don't Pay Full Price Before You See All Your Options

If you have a big lawn with a lot of trees, then I bet you’re thinking of upgrading your mower this year, and I also bet you’re thinking about something like ‘How good are refurbished zero turn mowers?’ That’s because only a zero turn mower can get you around virtually any obstacle the first time around, meaning you save valuable time on your mowing. Maybe you’re a small business owner and considering an upgrade to your fleet. Either way, make sure you check out all your options, including your refurbished options, before you go and pay full price on retail.

What Is a Refurbished Zero Turn Mower?

How good are refurbished zero turn mowers? To answer that question, you should first know what it means if your zero turn mower is refurbished. When a mower is refurbished, it means that it either did not work for the retailer upon delivery or it did not work for the customer who purchased it upon delivery of the mower. Because it did not work properly, the retailer or the customer returned it to the manufacturer, who then repaired whatever was wrong with the mower. Then the manufacturer, who has already provided a new replacement to the retailer or customer, will turn around and sell the repaired mower as a refurbished mower.

Is a Refurbished Zero Turn Mower Really As Good As a New One?

How good are refurbished zero turn mowers? The answer to that question lies in who did the repair. When it comes to a factory repair done by the manufacturer, many manufacturers of zero turn mowers test the mowers first to insure that they are working properly and will also give them either a limited warranty or the same warranty that they give their brand new mowers. Many manufacturers will also keep a log of the repairs made on the refurbished mower that you can get upon request. That way you know what caused the mower to not work in the first place and what may happen in the future with your purchase.

So If They’re As Good, Why Are They Cheaper?

How good are refurbished zero turn mowers? Just as good, yes, but also cheaper. That’s not because they are of a lesser quality – it’s simply because they are no longer brand new. That’s right – once they’ve been delivered and return for a repair, they can no longer be sold as a brand new zero turn mower. The manufacturer can sell it for a reduced price as a refurbished zero turn mower, however. The level of repairs made generally is an indicator of the level of the price discount, but not always.

So if you are considering the purchase of a zero turn mower to improve your lawn or your lawn business, consider how good are refurbished zero turn mowers as a first thought so that you have a chance to save money on your purchase.