How Good is a Refurbished 4th Generation iPod Touch? – Why Pay Full Price When You Don't Have To?

If you are thinking about getting another iPod Touch, have you considered looking to see how much money you could save by purchasing a refurbished 4th generation iPod Touch? I know you want the iPod Touch because of all of it’s great features, it’s ability to access application, and of course play your favorite play list on demand, but did you know that you can get all of this with a refurbished 4th generation iPod Touch too? Why pay full retail when you could end up paying 10%, 20%, or even more when you purchase a refurbished item over a brand new one?

Ok – What Does It Mean If I’m Looking At a Refurbished iPod Touch?

Glad you asked! When you think about the purchase of a refurbished 4th generation iPod Touch, you’re thinking about making the purchase of an item that Apple has repaired to make it functional. You see, try as they might, Apple doesn’t always get every product right. Sometimes there are cosmetic flaws that retailers catch, and sometimes when they or a customer opens up the packaging to use the product they find that it just doesn’t work – it’s dead on arrival. When that happens, the customer or retailer sends the item to Apple, they get a replacement, and Apple starts repairing the item. That’s what it means if an item is refurbished – that it has been repaired in order to make it work properly.

So What You’re Saying Is That a Repaired iPod is Just as Good?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. But I wouldn’t tell you that if Apple didn’t say the same thing. When you decide to purchase a refurbished 4th generation iPod Touch, you get the same limited warranty that Apple provides for its brand new items, you get the ability to purchase optional warranties just like you do with the brand new products, and you get access to the same customer service. Look at it this way – you are getting the exact same iPod with the exact same features, but you’re getting it at a lower price. How great is that?

But How Can It Be Just As Good If It Is Cheaper?

That’s a pretty common question to ask. When you buy a refurbished 4th generation iPod Touch for less than a new one, you’re buying it for less because Apple had to repair it in order to get it into working order – that’s all. Once an item is sent back for a repair, Apple can no longer resell that item as a brand new item. However, once they have repaired it and tested it to make sure that it is working right, they can resell it as a refurbished system to try to make some money back.

So if you are looking to buy a new iPod in the near future, I hope you’ll take the time to consider making the purchase of a refurbished 4th generation iPod Touch and save yourself some bucks.