How Good Is a Refurbished Janome Sewing Machine? – Don't Pay Full Price Before Seeing This!

If you are thinking about adding a Janome sewing machine to your home small appliances, I hope you have taken the time to see what a refurbished Janome Sewing Machine could do for you as well. After all, if you are looking at a Janome machine, you are looking for a machine that will give you a quality stitch at a quality price. When you pull the trigger and make the purchase of a refurbished Janome sewing machine, you get the same quality stitch, the same functionsÂ… the same machine, but you get it as a discounted price. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

What Does It Mean if My Machine Is Refurbished?

The whole discounted price hinges on the term ‘refurbished,’ so I bet you’re wondering what that means. Sewing machines are sent to retailers or sent directly to customers who have purchased them. Sometimes the customer will open up the package that they purchased at a retailer or had shipped directly to them only to discover that the sewing machine is dead on arrival – meaning it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes retailers can catch this before they sell it because there are also cosmetic flaws on the machine or they tried to use it as a demo and it didn’t work. In either case, the sewing machine is returned for a new one and Janome has the chance to fix and resell the non-functioning machine. That’s what you are buying when you purchase a refurbished Janome sewing machine – a sewing machine that’s been repaired.

You Think I Should Buy a Repaired Machine?

I know how tight money is these days. I also know how much money you can truly save by being able to make your own clothes, pillows, drapes, and everything else that you can do with a versatile sewing machine. When you buy a refurbished Janome sewing machine, not only do you get the same warranties and customer service that you would with a brand new one, but you also get a discounted price that can be 15%, 30%, or even more less than retail. Imagine what you could do with just an extra $50? That’s why it is important to take a look at a refurbished Janome sewing machine first.

But If They’re the Same, Why Are They Cheaper?

You can purchase a refurbished Jaonme sewing machine for cheaper than a brand new one because once the machine has to be repaired at the factory, they can no longer sell it as a brand new machine. That means that even though you are getting the exact same machine with the exact same warranties and features, you save money simply because the machine had to be repaired first in order to work properly. That’s really all there is to it!

So if you are thinking about adding a Janome sewing machine to your home, I hope you’ll take a few moments and consider what a refurbished Janome sewing machine could do for you and your family.