How ‘Grab and Go’s Work When Shopping for Auto Parts

When working with older vehicles, it is often nearly impossible to find quality components without spending thousands of dollars on something that was readily available just a few years earlier. Car manufacturers simply do not have the capacity to keep producing replacement parts for vehicles which have left the showroom floor years, if not decades, prior. That leaves the mechanic with few options. He can bid for what remains, creating a situation where the part goes to the highest bidder, or he can look elsewhere.

Elsewhere typically means one of two things. The mechanic can either fabricate the part from scratch. This is an expensive and time consuming endeavor that is rarely worth it. The other option is to look at other cars that are not roadworthy, and salvage the part needed from them.
A specialty car yard, like U Pull and Pay, fills this gap by connecting car owners and mechanics with vehicles that are still in good shape, but are no longer roadworthy. Here are some ways these companies can help you:

They Accept Vehicles That Have Moderate Damage
Insurance companies totals vehicles when the cost of repairs exceed their expected worth. This can crop up when something as simple as a bumper needs to be replaced. Grab and Go’s purchase these vehicles and then presents them to the general public.

It is not uncommon for a car to be brought in with slight damage, and then purchased outright and fixed back to like-new condition. Come to the yard with an open mind – just because the front bumper and driver’s side door have been demolished does not mean the fuel pump is bad!

They Require Customers to Pull the Part

Manpower is expensive. Removing a part from a car can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, and that is not including the use of specialized machinery. Some yards do offer this service, though it pays to remember that this will significantly increase the cost of the part and potentially make it economically infeasible.

These lots recognize the need to minimize costs, and as such do not typically offer assistance in removing the desired part. The customer is responsible for bringing the prerequisite tools and skills needed to get what they want. It is becoming a common practice in some yards to offer tools for rent, though do not count on the yard having what you need.

They Offer Warranties for Certain Parts

Since most of the parts on these cars are still good, pull and go lots typically offer some form of limited warranty on pieces that test as functioning correctly. This can mean anything from a battery that holds a charge to an engine that still cranks.

It is vital to remember to keep your receipt, and to understand the exact wording of the guarantee. If the part breaks as a result of being installed, then it typically is not covered. The quality of the warranties are often comparable to refurbished parts sold by more traditional companies.