How Home Painting Can Increase Your Productivity

Color has a psychological and physical effect on people – this is a proven scientific fact. People need to understand how home painting can increase productivity and so much more. For years, research has been done that indicates there is a definite connection between colors and moods. Some colors are more stimulating than others and more stimulating colors are likely going to help you become more productive. When home painting in Danville or elsewhere, take time to consider the color choice and choose wisely.

Stimulate Productivity

Using the right colors when you’re doing home painting in Danville may improve your mood. Orange is one of the most energetic colors and can be an instant boost to the energy level of a room. Orange is also known for prosperity, so it functions well in a home office area. Another benefit of the color orange is that it’s considered a happy, upbeat color. There are many different hues of orange so you can choose the color that you like the best.

Boost Energy Levels

Color can boost the energy level of a room. When you enter a room, the body immediately begins to respond to the color. Red is a controversial color because it can improve energy levels to increase productivity, but it can also promote aggression. Some evidence has been found to show that red can actually increase blood pressure. The key to using red is to use it sparingly. For example, you can paint one wall of a room red rather than every wall. Ask your professional that does home painting in Danville for color samples. Use the samples to look at the color at different times of day and in different light situations.

Promote Optimism

Optimism is necessary for increased productivity. Yellow is the color of sunshine, so it’s thought of as a happy color. Optimistic yellow is a cheery color and can make a room feel warm and inviting. Sometimes yellow may be associated with hyperactivity, so use the color in small doses. Most people think of yellow as an uplifting color but it’s also known to encourage intelligence. The use of yellow in the workplace or at home can give people a morale boost. Yellow can be used with other colors as a way to create an atmosphere conducive to productivity. A company that does home painting in Danville will be able to suggest which colors coordinate well with each other.

Stimulate the Intellect

Some neutral colors are known to stimulate the intellect. Gray is fast becoming the new beige and is a popular neutral color that can coordinate with almost any other color. A company that does home painting in Danville will be able to help select the right colors for the room. Gray can be used in conjunction with other colors. For example, you can use orange on one wall and gray on the others. This color combination is not only attractive, it is also helpful for stimulating productivity. Remember, you don’t need to paint all the walls the same color. In fact, this can be overwhelming, especially when using strong hues.

Improve Communication

Certain colors are known to improve communication. Blue is a natural stress reducer, so it’s helpful for calming down strong emotions. It is also thought to enhance both artistic and verbal communication, making it helpful for increasing productivity. Blue is also a dependable color and has a strong feeling to it. Stay away from light blue – a darker hue seems more powerful. Don’t overwhelm the room with blue. Instead, use it as an accent color or use it on one half of the wall. For example, when doing home painting in Danville, paint blue on the bottom half of the wall and a more neutral hue, such as gray, on the upper half.

Pay Attention to Intensity

Color intensity can change the way a color affects people. Intensity generally refers to the hue. Light hues are often considered weaker, and may not hold as much value as stronger colors. Dark hues can be overwhelming, especially when used in small areas. When choosing a color, consult with a specialist in home painting in Danville. Your painter can help you view different color palettes. Painting a room entirely in one color can sometimes decrease productivity. Instead, consider painting walls the same color but in slightly different levels of intensity.

Check Lighting

Look at a color swatch at different times of the day to see how the color looks in different light situations. Temper strong hues with neutral ones to help improve productivity. Make sure that colors in connecting rooms complement each other if they can be seen together. A company specializing in home painting in Danville will help you choose colors that coordinate well with each other. Once you have the new colors on the walls, you’ll likely see an improvement in mood and energy.

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