How I Plan to Publish Over 1,000 Unique Articles in Less Than a Year

Have you ever noticed how many articles there are on any given subject? I just did a Google search on ‘how to scramble eggs’ and came up with 62,500 results in 0.15 seconds. No one can tell me there is that much unique content for scrambling eggs (actually there were 1,180,000 results for ‘scrambling eggs’ in 0.14 seconds). The point to all this is writing unique articles is not that difficult, it just takes thought and a little creativity.

When I first began writing articles to publish, I agonized over perfecting each and every article to the point that I would edit and re-edit an article many times after it was published. This took a lot of my time and energy away from writing new articles and was not productive. Often, the final article was completely different that the original article that I published. What I eventually realized was I could spend the same amount of time I was using to perfect one article to actually write many other articles on the same subject and spread myself around to increase my income. Unless I find a typo or misspelled word, I no longer edit a published article.

I now have a plan to take this theory to the next level and optimize my efforts to earn money writing articles. I still begin each day researching my topic of the day and write an outline of all the facts I find. I write an article and publish it on one of my 5 major article directories where I am a member: Seekyt, HubPages, InfoBarrel, Squidoo, and FireHow. I then Googe the subject to find at least 10 blogs where I can leave comments with a link to my article (i.e. debt ceiling ‘comments’). Often I find an interesting twist that would be good to add to my article and jot it down.

At this point, I go back to my published article and read it. I add to my notes anything I feel I could have said differently or should have included in the article originally. I make note of any comments that have been made on my article, especially questions for clarification. With my notes in hand, I write another article on the same subject with my new point of view. I publish this new article on a different site with a link included to my original article. I continue following the same steps I did with the first article with different blogs until I have 5 unique articles published and linking to each other. (I do allow one edit to my original article and that is to add a link to another article of the same subject.)

It is exciting to see how well this is going for me at this point. I figure that by August 1, 2012, I will have over 1,250 unique published articles making me money if I follow this plan at least 5 day per week. I challenge all newbie authors to join me. The more we can support each other, the more fun this will be for each of us. Good luck to those who try this with me. I will keep you posted as to my progress.