How important are the Small Sticks on Round Clocks

How important are the Small Sticks on Round Clocks

One of man’s oldest inventions is the clock and now it comes in small sticks on round clocks. The clock is an important instrument that plays a vital role in almost every endeavor of man for it is used to suggest or specify, keep and coordinate time. In all four corners of the world, clock can be seen as part of human journey. It helps us in everything we do to ensure that we can’t miss a thing. The day, the month, and the year, they are counted according to every tick of the clock. But as time evolves, the clock’s features also developed. It comes in different forms and sizes but serves one single important purpose – to tell and measure the time. There were pieces of equipment or mechanisms that operate on several different physical processes and have been used over the millennia, but still conclude in the clocks of today. How important is a clock to you? Does it matter if you don’t have a clock to used and monitor time?

Looking Into One of Man’s Greatest Inventions—the Clock

In order to know what time is it, we need to have to look at a clock. It is among the oldest inventions of man that are still being used until now. The clock meets the need to constantly calculate the time intervals that are shorter than the normal units. A clock is an important device used to coordinate, keep and indicate time. Clock is a word derived from the Celtic verbiage clocca and claggan that means bell, which is traditionally used as a timepiece. Like human, the clock also has evolved. From the water clock to the automatic clock, this invention has gone a very long way. Su Sung’s Astronomical Clock Tower in Kaifeng, China, built during the 11th century, and was driven by a chain drive, large waterwheel, and escapement device. Water clocks, as wells as sundials, are considered to be the oldest devices used to measure time, except the tally stick that counts days and also the vertical gnomon. The simplest type of water clock is the one with the bowl shaped outflow which believed to have been commonly used in ancient Egypt and Babylon in the 15th and 16th century. Proof of the existence of water clocks was also recorded in other territories in the planet – like China and India. This only means that the clock is ancient, but still very useful.

In the next many years, the water clock has been brought to improvement and advancement. Efforts were made by the brilliant Roman and Greek civilizations. They made initial advancement to design for water clocks and integrated intricate gearing. Later, this advancement was carried through the next time period until it reached back to Europe. Soon, the Chinese began their own invention of the advanced water clocks, and later on shared their designs to the countries of Japan and Korea. The clock truly has gone through a tremendous and remarkable journey towards advancement. Now, the clock is more modern, more unique, and definitely very advanced.

The Stick on Round Clocks – What Are They?

Stick on round clocks come in several different types that you can choose from. Your choice will be dependent on what you are actually looking for in your next time piece. These stick on round clocks also come in different prices, which vary on the quality of the item. However, there is something that will fit to anyone’s budget or fashion. So it is better that you will know what you really want, what do you really prefer, how much you can afford, and what do you think will fit your need.

Various options are available when you are searching for a stick on round clock. They come in different sizes and types – big or small, digital or analog, use stop watch type models or with alarms, and many other options that are designed for you. For you not to pay too much of what you chooses, you have to think not just once, but many times and make sure that your choice is the right choice for you.


On choosing a size for stick on round clock, small sticks on round clocks of course is very ideal. The big ones have the tendency to fall. Sometimes this small stick on round clocks just measure a little more than an inch in diameter. Whatever the size is, it is important that you choose what you think is good and ideal for you. Small stick on round clocks is very comfortable and very practical though. Yet, it is not about the type of clock, it is about how you learn from the experience of having those small sticks on the round clock in your life. It will remind you about important times and significant moments in your everyday existence.