News How is Metal Building Insulation Beneficial for a House?

How is Metal Building Insulation Beneficial for a House?


There are many options available for insulating your building. These include spray foam, double bubble, foam panels and metal building . The fiberglass metal building insulation laminated with a vapor barrier offers a cost effective solution with a cleaner and more finished look to the building.

A properly installed insulation product cuts down energy costs significantly. You can also upgrade building insulation to double layer for higher thermal resistance (R-Value) and reduced maintenance costs.

A user finds the following major benefits from a fiberglass insulation product.

  • Highly resilient fiber glass blanket with a number of facing options
  • Pre-cut rolls with matching color combination
  • Quicker and easier installation process
  • Higher energy savings
  • High quality vapor barrier with white reflective appearance
  • Better insulating value, vapor retardation and noise reductions
  • Fire resistance and non-combustibility

Metal building type Insulation products are used in steel, barn and pole buildings. Proper installation of the material makes the interior environment comfortable. The heavy duty insulation tape used in the product prevents thermal energy loss or conduction to outside. The product is also ideal for insulation repairs and retrofitting purposes.

A new prefabricated metal building fiberglass insulation system supports an air tight performance while providing insulation blankets to wall, roof panels, patch tape, fasteners, and steel banding.

In retro fit applications, the insulation product makes re-insulating an affordable and quite useful investment for metal building. The prefabricated metal buildings can also be retrofitted with the insulation product to add more R-value.

Now we will discuss some of the accessories that make the fiberglass insulation a favorite product.

  • A black or white insulation tape with aluminum foil coating and cold weather acrylic adhesive system is used to work in below zero & elevated temperatures.
  • Thermal break tape acts as a vapor seal or barrier between the exterior walls and inner framing on metal buildings.
  • The thermal blocks Insulation system gives the desired performance and energy efficiency to the fiberglass insulation product.
  • Steel banding helps to secure fiberglass insulation blankets on metal roofs. This is used to retro-fit insulation and promotes maximum insulation performance.
  • InsulHold coils are designed to anchor and hold metal building insulation in the correct position. These Insulation accessories are used in metal building walls for retro-fit systems.
  • Insulation knife is perfect for cutting fiberglass blankets, preparing, sizing, cutting and trimming insulation materials around doors and windows.

For installing the fiberglass insulation, choose well trained professionals having expertise on building insulation. Also select top quality pre-laminated insulation products with multiple polypropylene vapor barrier facings.

The author here describes about specific features and applications of metal building insulation products. For more information, please visit

How is Metal Building Insulation Beneficial for a House?
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