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How is SEO for lawyers changing in 2015?

How important is SEO for attorney websites? What are the SEO trends for the year 2015? SEO for lawyersEvery business needs to be on its toes in promoting their online business. The changes in search engine marketing trends are more or less based on Google ranking algorithms. While there are several other search engines, Google leads them with a market share of more than 60%. With changing algorithms, businesses need to realign their seo strategies as well. The new trend in the legal segment is that law firms are now concentrating on building optimized websites. Here are 5 trends that can impact seo for lawyers in 2015.

Keywords in content

Regardless of algorithm changes, content is always an important element for attorney websites. While considering seo for lawyers, keywords need to be carefully inserted. You cannot simply use a keyword 6-8 times in an article. Google intelligently assesses your content and identifies keywords. For instance, the keyword legal website can be alternately used as law firm website or lawyer website. All these synonymic words have the same relevance. So, create high quality content that is useful to readers and not for search engines. When the content is useful, bounce rate will be reduced as well.

Social media popularity
With social media sites gaining huge popularity in recent times, they cannot be ignored in a seo campaign for attorney websites. The role of social media sites is going to be huge in 2015. Along with other parameters, Google would surely check for the popularity of attorney websites in social circles. When an article is shared by several people, it implies that the information is useful and interesting. However, it is important to effectively manage your social media campaigns when optimizing SEO for lawyers.

Google Authorship
While the importance of Google authorship has been in discussions from a couple of years, the year 2015 is going to see more value for it. Google is trying to corner people who post duplicate content by looking at the authorship of the content. When you link your articles to your Google Plus authorship, it would surely increase the value of the content. With Google Authorship coming into play, Google gets the additional benefit of competing with Facebook.

Mobile Optimization
The increased use of smart-phones to browse the internet has changed the way attorney websites are built. For 2015, mobile optimization would no longer be an option. It has a greater role to play. Legal firms need to build websites with responsive designing. Law firms that have responsive design will provide the same rich user experience across multiple devices. You can design one website for all devices. At the same time managing a single site for SEO for lawyers is easy.

Build your brand
For 2015, the slogan is to build your brand and not links. The number of links would not decide your site rankings but the brand value does. Instead of building more links, try to create more value for your brand. Using high quality content on authoritative sites and getting natural and quality links is important. While guest blogging is a good option as of now, Google would surely find ways to put a check on it in the coming days.

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